Two Tomatoes


Two links from Rotten Tomatoes today that play to certain Listologists interests: first, Sam Raimi on Spidey 3 and Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (hint: one's a go, one isn't, you guess which is which). Second, Richard Linklater sued by slackers over Dazed and Confused.

Can they really sue him for something that was technically committed in 1993 (DVD release notwithstanding, since Linklater didn't decide when or if that occurred)? I'd think the statute of limitations would have run out on this one.

Is there a statute of limitations on civil suits?

Oh yeah. My dad is civil lawyer and he always has to keep the statute of limitations in mind.

Gotcha. I suppose they could argue it took them this long to figure out the damage would be lasting. Not that I'm on their side or anything...