Two New Features


I'm realizing how much of my own experience as a user of this site drives the development. I really want to revamp my lists, but I don't want to lose the old content and discussions. So it is now possible to archive content. Archived content will continue to show up in search results, but will no longer appear on your public profile or in the "recent updates" box.

The second feature is less significant, but I still like it: you can now choose to automatically number a list.

Hey, Jim! I've tried out the archive feature. It's kind of cool. Is this basically so you can rewrite whole lists from scratch with changing their existing content?

Thought of another possibility as I ponder how to restructure my own content - suppose you have a list of movies, and you wanted to write a review of each. You could create separate reviews and archive them, and then link to the reviews from the relevant list! Your profile page will stay managable to other users, but all that extra content will be lurking just under the surface (and the reviews will still show up in searches and stuff). I'm liking the possibilities . . .

Yeah, pretty much. Keep in mind that the archived stuff will still show up in search results, so you might not want to use if for versioning. However, I figure it could be cool for some more temporal lists (like the quizzes), where you don't want to lose the history and discussion, but don't really want it showing up in your profile any more. Or in my case, where I'm thinking about revamping my list structure, but don't want to lose the old lists and discussions.

Automatic numbering rocks! I'll be checking out the archive feature soon. Thanks, Jim!