Two Listologists of note have been hard at work:

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Two Listologists of note have been hard at work:

dgeiser1 has put what must be a massive amount of work into this list. Please join me in thanking him for assembling my "to watch" list for the 2001 video rental season (THANKS!).

Kudos are in order . . . lbangs recently contributed his 100th music list! Remarkable. He is personally responsible for almost 20% of all the music lists in The Listology! And these aren't throwaway lists; they are all well-researched and thoughtful. Check them out!

Re: The Critics Top Ten Survey

If anyone knows of any Top Ten lists which I don't have on here please send the URL my way or add it on to the list as a comment. I think I have found most of the major ones but more information is always appreciated.