Trainspotting vs. Requiem for a Dream


Rotten Tomatoes is running a thread on which is better, Trainspotting or Requiem for a Dream. It's an interesting question that sparked a decidedly uninteresting discussion. Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for the Listology community?

IMHO Requiem for a Dream is the more powerful film (not necessarily better) but for pure enjoyment and rewatchability I'd choose Trainspotting any day. FWIW I voted "AHHH!...I cant choose one over the other!!!"

Requiem has a decent chance of swearing anyone off drugs for life. That and Vincent D'Onofrio's character Pooh-Bear from The Salton Sea (2002). Actually the whole movie has a nice anti-drug message in my opinion. Anybody want to start a list?

I should really see those movies. Amazingly, I somehow got my dad to approve "Requiem for a Dream", but I haven't really looked into "Trainspotting." Should I?

REALLY? *gasp* Some type of 'scared straight' technique?

Requiem more than earns its NC-17 / unrated status, although I confess, I have not seen the edited 'R' version yet.

Oh, and I do think Requiem is the better of the two films, though I certainly wouldn't want to make Trainspotting sound weak in any way. Two great, attention-arresting films on a subject usually loaded with cliches and boredom.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Allow me to second that "REALLY?! *gasp*." You should go ahead and tell your folks that if you can watch Requiem then you've broken through the last possible barriers for R-rated restrictions.

I believe I preferred Trainspotting, but they are both excellent. The ending of Requiem was just too over the top for me, but that's really the only thing that cost it points in my eye.

I'm not sure that my dad really knew what the movie was about; the description on the back of the DVD was pretty vague. If it's really that bad, maybe I'll be an honest son and not see it until I'm 17 (7 months, 1 day and counting). Or maybe I won't.

In case I decide to watch it... I know Blockbuster has a policy of not carrying really risque movies, but since "Requiem" is unrated and not actually NC-17, do you think I could find an unedited version at Blockbuster, or do they only carry the edited version?

Hmmm, maybe I should make a list of movies to watch very shortly after I turn 17, ones that I've begged my parents to let me watch dozens of times and gotten rejected each time. There'll be a lot, good and bad. I think I'll make "Pulp Fiction", "Blue Velvet", "Fight Club", "A Clockwork Orange", and "American Pie" priorities. That'll be fun, just a weekend of movies containing rampant sex, graphic violence, drug addicts, and naked people. Any other suggestions?

Speaking to how "that bad" it is, it's not that it's so explicit (although there are a couple scenes that are very explicit), but the characters' descent into degradation is very intense. While this movie might have the most drug-use you've seen in a single movie (just guessing), I'm sure you've seen more blood, killings, and nudity in other movies. It's not a question of the objective imagery (I've seen more blood in X), it's a question of how much it disturbs you, and I found plenty of scenes in Requiem to be quite disturbing.

You should make such a list! Here on Listology even! And I'll post my suggestions when you do!