Trailerology: X-Men 3 vs. Superman Returns


After watching the new X-Men 3 clip and the new Superman Returns trailer, it certainly looks like you'd be wise to follow Bryan Singer in abandoning X-Men.

Related note:

They've just released a full seven minute preview of X-Men 3 at

Try to tell me that doesn't whomp Superman Returns' ass (even if it still looks somewhat suspect).

Have you seen the third Superman Returns trailer?


I don't think I've ever seen an action movie that was able to overcome such bad dialog, no matter how good the action. And if the sentinel action from the previous clip is any indication, even with good dialog the action is no great shakes. After 6.5 minutes of talk we get some quick-cut action in the final 30 seconds, but who can tell from that? All action looks good cut so quick. I will admit that some of it looks like it might be cool though.

I remember Wolverine having attitude, but so far, in both clips, he just comes across as a dick.

"Thanks for seeing me on such short notice". He bears such urgent news, and beats CNN by three seconds?

As usual, Ian McKellan is the standout, Halle Berry is the weak link. I hear she gets to do more in this one. Oh good.

I'm thinking it'll be fun to heckle, but little more.

I'm often wrong though!

Well, about beating CNN...the scenes aren't exactly shown in the proper order, just cut together to give fans a happy.

The concept sounded gooded to me, but the trailer for Superman Returns looks awfully boring.


The X3 clip looks far better than Superman Returns' trailer to me, what with the Cannonball Special (Colossus throwing Wolverine) and the Sentinel head. Besides, I'm pretty sure that the reason for Logan's nonchalance and punning is the fact that they're only training the students in the Danger Room.

I'll see your "really?" and raise you a "really!?"

I'm honestly shocked, as I thought it was no contest in the Man of Steel's favor. That X3 clip sports nothing but awful dialog, badly delivered. I cringed. Literally.

But I'm not an avid fan of the comics, so I suppose if the "Cannonball Special" and the sight of a sentinel head are special in the X-men universe, the appeal of seeing those on the big screen would be lost on me.

I loved the first two movies, and even considered seeing this one in theaters, despite the Singer/Ratner downgrade, but no way now, unless the reviews are positively glowing.

I agree that Wolverine's, "Don't get your panties in a bunch" line sucks. Like, really really badly. And I, too, have been nervous about the Ratner/Singer switch-up.

But I still enjoyed this clip for the most part--seeing that I'm a big X-Men fan--and I've seen and read far too many good things for me to not want to go see it based on an iffy 58-second clip.

But about Superman Returns...yikes. I think it looks very very terrible. I was all for it until the laughable production photos came out (Brandon Routh looks like a kid trick-or-treating as Superman, for God's sake) and the mediocre teaser hit last winter. This trailer just confirms my doubts.

The only reason I'll be seeing it is because I can't avoid a major comic book release like this, and Kevin Spacey looks like he's enjoying the hell out of his Lex Luthor role.

We should have some kind of bet: if we both prefer X-Men you win, both for Superman I win, and any kind of split is a draw.

It's unlikely I'll see both in theaters though, so we'd have to wait a few months to pay off.

Certainly! Count me in!

I can wait. :-D

Cool! So what are the stakes?

Hmm...the loser has to watch his least favorite movie five times in a row? The loser has to buy the winner a pair of real fancy socks?

I dunno. I'm at a loss.


Yeah, I dunno. I'm reluctant to propose anything extravagant, as I'm sure I'm going to win and would hate to do that to you. :-) So lets just bet for braggin' rights.

if there is anything i hate more than a super hero movie, it's a self-aware super hero movie... kevin spacey does look like a great lex luther though.