Trailerology: The Woodsman


I don't often link to dramatic trailers (mostly because I'm an uncultured boob), but I'll link to this one: The Woodsman.

Do you mean to say you think people who like dramatic movies are culturally superior to people who like movies of other genres?

Nope, I wouldn't dare generalize in such a manner! I just mean I personally am an uncultured boob because of how my tastes gravitate to certain genre pictures rather than more serious fare. But I keep broadening my horizons.

Shoot. There goes my chance to be a snob :(.

Hey, don't let me rain on your parade. Let fly with the highbrow condescension! :-)

I need for Stooky to make me an emoticon which says "<----Rosie, looking supercilious".

How 'bout this:

:`} <---- note the upturned nose and tight-lipped smile.

Thank you. Very good. Indeed. Now I can discuss the religious symbolism in Dogville. :`}