Trailerology: Three Monster


You should probably stop reading if you're not a horror fan because lordy, they have a whole different set of rules in Asia for what's allowed in a trailer, apparently. Three Monster is comprised of three short horror movies by directors Fruit Chan (never heard of him), Takeshi Miike (Audition), and Chan Wook Park (Old Boy). Park's entry is featured in the trailer, which includes a pianist (I'm guessing) having her fingers chopped off and thrown in a blender (no guessing necessary). You have been warned. « via The Movie Blog »

I was able to get a copy of Chan Wook Park's Sympathy for Mr. Vengence from a Korean movie site on the web. A great film but very bleak and disturbing. I watched it a few months ago and there still some scenes that I can't get out of my head. Brillant film but not for everyone (or practically anyone to tell the truth). If you've sat through Audition then I guess you can handle this.

I realize now I implied above that I've seen Old Boy, but actually I'm only aware of its existance (along with Mr. Vengeance). And Audition is the only Miike I've seen. I'm definitely curious, but somewhat intimidated. I still have Audition flashbacks, and some of the imagery from that trailer is still lurking in the dark corners of my mind. I'm not sure just how much of this stuff I want darkening my psychic landscape. Ah, who am I kidding? I know I won't be able to resist, if Netflix ever carries these.

I have Sympathy for Mr. Vengence on VCD so it wouldn't be a problem to copy and mail it to you if you so desire. The utter hopelessness of life for everyone in the movie is hard to take. It's not gory like Audition, just stick with you dark like Audition. BTW - If you haven't got Ong Bak yet, I have that on VCD and could send it along.

Can't wait to see Old Boy.

Looks like Old Boy is coming to North American DVD.

I'd love to see it! e-mail me and we'll swap addresses. Maybe I can send you a copy of my Listology Secret Santa mix from '03 in exchange, or something. I have Ong-bak on DVD, otherwise I'd eagerly take you up on that too. Thanks!