Trailerology: Ratatouille


Ratatouille trailer, aka "Brad Bird's third movie". Fantastic animation. Watch this one in high-def.

This looks quite amusing.

I think that every movie Pixar has made--except for A Bug's Life--is a masterpiece, so I am thoroughly looking forward to this.

Yet another frighteningly mediocre Pixar trailer. Because Cars was the least-good Pixar flick yet, and because this one switched directors part-way through, I've reason to doubt it. On the plus side are Brad Bird and the concept.

Gimme Incredibles 2.

Well... you're probably going to have to push Incredibles 2 back a year (probably two.) Brad Bird is used to directing large pictures... giant pictures, if you will. Jan Pinkava, while not short on talent, has done shorts and could've been floundering. So this might be good news for Ratatouille.

Under Bird voice actors will be wrangled into shape, work beyond animated storyboards will be done and the plot will be trimmed into shape. Rats are easy to animate, humans are tougher to deal with. And human rats are the worst of all.

Of course this could be the first major sign of Dixar with WDFA insisting on a "name" director at the helm. Bird could be trying to navigate the rapids of the takeover (don't fool yourself.) With John Lasseter overseeing the shakeout of animators Toy Story 3 might now be even further away. Layoffs are never fun/easy.

Remember: The release of Cars was pushed back because of the initial Pixar-Disney distribution deal negotiations.

Hang on tight to John Ratzenberger... and, while we're at, sign up Patrick Warburton.

Wow. That looks really funny.