Trailerology: I Heart Huckabees

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I have a feeling the trailer for the new David O. Russell movie will be met with anticipation 'round here.

I saw this trailer a week ago, and I absolutely LOVE it.

Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman look wonderful.

Totally agree. We haven't had a great Dustin Hoffman movie since Tootsie, but I have high hopes this ends the drought (even if this is an ensemble cast rather than a "Duston Hoffman movie").

He looks like he's having a ball. Actually, the entire cast does.

I think this definitely belongs on a "Great Casts" list.

Lily Tomlin
Dustin Hoffman
Jude Law
Jason Schwartzman
Naomi Watts
Isabelle Huppert
Mark Whalberg
and....Shania Twain