Three Movies


Three movies:

  1. Unknown White Male just moved to the top of my "can't wait" documentaries list.
  2. Bruce Campbell in the horror version of Galaxy Quest? Enticing.
  3. Three words: Bollywood Fight Club.

Nice aggregator crop this Monday AM.

That Bruce Campbell film looks ace! Wasn't there a Bruce Lee film with the same title, though?

Close, but it was just one of the many B-movies to follow in his wake. At least it doesn't look like it was one of these:

"After his death Bruce Lee is still credited with making around a dozen movies. Unused footage, interviews and footage from previous movies were used in new movies and kung fu-mentries. Even worse, actors like Bruce Li and Bruce Le changed their names to sound like Lee's. This page is dedicated to the movies and actors who cashed in (or at least tried to) on Bruce Lee's good name following his death. Most of these movies have bad martial arts and even worse acting."

That's really sad. At least the one called "They Call Me Bruce?" looks kind of like a spoof, with blatant acknowledgements to its source material. Still tacky to cash in on a legend like that, though.

Not that I ever thought this title was in any way related to the Bruce Lee flick, but anyway Bruce Campbell would have to do something really profoundly evil for me to hate him at this point.

Amnesia is fascinating.