State of Listology Poll


stumpy is running a poll regarding the current state of Listology that I'm watching with a keen eye. Please vote and discuss! Note that if you voted last night, your vote has been lost. I've cleared it so you can vote again, so please do so.

Since stumpy has told me never to post on his items again, I hope you don't mind if I bring it up here, regarding the state of Listology:

I noticed that almost EVERY list on the 'most discussed' page is very old. So, I pose this question to 'elder' Listologists:

Was there more feedback, dicussion, and community when there were fewer content creators (and thus, less content)?

That would make sense to me, because everything gets dispersed with an influx of content, and finding the content you personally enjoy is a little harder.

Now, I think feedback and discussion is something Listology could certainly use more of, while the influx of content has almost certainly made it harder and harder to find 'the good stuff' (or, stuff you like) - I've experienced this personally, even just since I arrived on the scene.

Thoughts? Is it worth changing something about Listology? Is there any way to improve Listology in this regard? Is there enough desire amongst the community to warrant a change at Listology?

I have a few ideas in my head, but I'll wait to propose them until I hear what others think about it.

I'm planning on making it possible to flag individual lists as favorites, and then factoring that into rankings, and showing pages of "most favored lists", that sort of thing. I'm also going to overhaul or eliminate the hall of fame, and replace it with a bunch of smaller reports with different breakdowns that highlight more diverse things/users. Eventually.

Ah, that sounds cool.