Star Trek


The new Star Trek trailer is online. I really like the clarity of the visuals but other than that I can't really divine much about the movie. And you know what? That's alright by me.

ok aside from it being Star Trek : The highschool years, i gotta say, i think it looks pretty good and i'm not by any means a star trek fan. Then again , it is the trailer its bound to look good in the trailer.

Yeah, I'm not impressed.

Love Simon Pegg, though.

I can divine a lot about it. Mostly about how many different flavors of suck it will be.

My friend called it Melrose Space, which I think will describe not only the writing but, clearly, the cinematography.

ahhhh... Cynicism: The final frontier.

I'm hoping for the best while I remain crouched in a doorway or beneath a sturdy desk. If only the kid had said, "I'm Jimmy Kirk. Who the hell are you?" I'd feel reassured.

"Winona Ryder" What thuh?

You think that's bad - you should see my wife go off on it. She's damn near apoplectic.

Nothing says "Star Trek" like a chick taking off her clothes. ;-)