Spider-man 2


I'm kinda sadistically hoping LBangs sees Spider-man 2 just so I can read another good rant, but I want to see it for its own sake. I liked the first one, and both the trailers and early hype have given me hope for the second. Newsweek has a goodly three-pager up, with some interesting history in the the whole "is Maguire being replaced" hornets nest from months ago:

Superheroes are not supposed to get fired. Sure, they quit now and then, but saving the world from evil forces would appear to be a pretty secure career choice since bad guys are never in short supply. So the call Tobey Maguire received from "Spider-Man" director Sam Raimi last year must have come as a shock. The two men had not spoken for quite a while, communicating instead through agents, managers and studio executives. Raimi was deep in preproduction on "Spider-Man 2" and under pressure from Columbia Pictures to get the sequel on screens by summer 2004. The original shredded box-office records, grossing $820 million worldwide. Expectations were high, to say the least, and Raimi had reached the conclusion that his star would be unable to meet them. After much agonizing, he phoned Maguire. "Given this situation, I don't think we can make the picture with you," Raimi told him. "I have to hire somebody else."

"My people will talk to your people" carries some risk, it seems. « via GreenCine »