Sorry I've been so absent of late. I need two of


Sorry I've been so absent of late. I need two of me. But I had to take a moment to share this review of Gone in Sixty Seconds. It's a decent review, but it caught my eye because it contains a line reminiscent of our own lbangs'sentiments: "It's a plot so insanely stupid it can only mean one thing: You are watching a Jerry Bruckheimer movie."

Jim -- Isn't Gone in 60 Seconds a remake of a 1970s flick. At least I remember watching a movie of the same title at least 15 years ago. If it is a remake, it really can't be called a "Jerry Bruckheimer movie", unless you consider that only he would choose to REMAKE a movie with such an absurd plot.

It is his film because he is the producer, and he is certainly one of those modern-day producers who has more control and influence over his films than even the directors do. For all purposes, he is the creator of his films. If the script stinks, it is because he has never given a rip about choosing a decent screenplay nor nurturing it till is at least half way decent.

At least that's my take on it.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs