Somebody stop me. Another new feature. If you si


Somebody stop me. Another new feature. If you sign up for The Listology mailing list (it's a checkbox to be found under the big "my profile" button), you will receive an e-mail when your lists get new comments. However, instead of flooding your inbox every time a new comment comes, I will send these messages in the wee hours of Monday mornings. So if any of your lists have gotten new comments during the previous week, you'll get one message saying something to the effect of, "you have new comments."
With that, I have officially completed every approved suggestion I've been e-mailed. Any other requests?

One more thing. Maybe this is already here somewhere, but I couldn't tell. Is it possible to search for comments by a certain author?

You can't search for comments (although I'm toying with changing that), but you can see all the comments by a particular author. When you look at somebody's list profile, click on the "comment history" link at the top of the screen. This will show you all the lists that that person has commented upon. Take yourself, for example. Is that what you had in mind?

That works pretty well. It does what I would want it to. Thanks! :)

I don't know how easy this would be, Jim, but it might be interesting if you had a way to get a random list. Just an idea. If you already have that somewhere, please ignore me...

Hmm . . . Interesting idea . . . I'm not sure how easy it would be either. :-) I'll look into it. Right now I'm working on doing an automatic mailing list to tell subscribers which lists have changed in the past week, but I'll see about checking into this after that.

I don't know how you have things set up. But, if you just have a database of lists (or pointers to lists), it should just involve selecting a random number, I think. But, I guess it all depends on how you have things set up. It was only a suggestion. :)

It's slightly more complicated than that because the "list key" is a concatenation of the owner's login ID and a number. So your first list would be buber|0 while my first list would be jim|0. This makes it hard to select a random list based on that key because the maximum number varies from person to person. However, MySQL allows you to return a specific row number (or range of rows), so I can probably work with that (grab the rowcount for the table, pick a random number less than that, and then return that row). In any case, it's on the wish list . . . Thanks!

Jim, we're all saving our effusive congratulations until we see how well the new beast works. Looks good so far. Oops! nearly got effusive. If you messed up, it'll just be effu.

:-) Thanks bertie. It's nice to know that all the late nights and wrist-pain aren't for nothing.