The Sight and Sound Top Ten Poll 2002


British film magazine Sight and Sound has released it's latest poll of 253 film critics, directors, writers and academics of the Top 10 Movies of all time. I give Sight and Sound a little more credibility than most as they only run their list every 10 years. Of special interest, to me, was the All Films Voted For list. There were a couple on there I'd never heard of before.

Also, The Guardian has an article by Peter Bradshaw, a critic, on why Citizen Kane wasn't on his list. Perhaps Citizen Kane should just be conceded Number One and we should talk about 2 through 11?

In this wired age their might be some other articles which make the Net concerning this poll so if you come across them please post them as a comment on this list. Happy Reading!

Thanks for posting this! I hadn't seen this yet, but I was thinking a month ago that it had to be getting about time for the new decade list to appear. Thanks!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs