The Sight and Sound Top Ten Poll 2002

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British film magazine Sight and Sound has released it's latest poll of 253 film critics, directors, writers and academics of the Top 10 Movies of all time. I give Sight and Sound a little more credibility than most as they only run their list every 10 years. Of special interest, to me, was the All Films Voted For list. There were a couple on there I'd never heard of before.

Also, The Guardian has an article by Peter Bradshaw, a critic, on why Citizen Kane wasn't on his list. Perhaps Citizen Kane should just be conceded Number One and we should talk about 2 through 11?

In this wired age their might be some other articles which make the Net concerning this poll so if you come across them please post them as a comment on this list. Happy Reading!

Thanks for posting this! I hadn't seen this yet, but I was thinking a month ago that it had to be getting about time for the new decade list to appear. Thanks!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs