Problems, Anyone?


Anybody out there having problems saving lists? I just heard from one user that items she thinks were added to a list were not there upon revisiting it. This has happened to her more than once on relatively short lists, so the problem is not that she's maxxed a list out. I haven't made any code changes in quite awhile, and she admits user error is a possibility, but I thought I'd ask around just in case.

this may not be helpful but in the past when this has happened to me, i'm 99.9% sure i previewed it and didn't remember to *post* it... it's rather easy to move on to something else and feel like you knew you'd seen the complete version. could just be me, but i thought i'd add my two cents.

Yeah, that's happened to me too. The other thing it could be is that somehow the user's browser is showing a cached version of the page, displaying an older version of the list instead of the updated version.

I haven't had any problems with additions, but since you mentioned "maxxed out" I'm curious as to how much content a list can have. I thought I might be reaching that point with a music list, but so far - so good. Do you have a preference on list division or size?

Cold Fusion (the programming language this site is written in) has a 65,000 character limit on the amount of data it can return from a "text" database field (this limit can be overridden at the ISP level, but this affects performance adversely).

You are approaching maxxing out two lists: "The Complete Beatles Song Library (In Their Words)" is currently at 62,125 characters, and "Worlds Largest Redneck Definition List" is at 52,950. If you hit the limit you'll notice that you can save the lists fine, but when readers try to view them they'll be truncated at 65,000 characters. The workaround is to split such lists into two or more parts (perhaps the second list is a clone of the first so you have that automatic link association).

Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was "character" or "line" space. One last question... I put the latter list you mentioned in the archive long ago for people searching specifically for that topic from either inside or outside the membership. A question I, and a few members may have is whether "archived" items are even reachable from the outside. Specifically with a search engine.

Yup, archived items are reachable via Listology searches and external searches. Archiving an item only keeps it from appearing on your profile, and it sticks a "this list has been archived by its author" flag at the top of the list itself.