Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid


Netflixers who are tempted by LBangs' review of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid should take note of this user review by CB from TX 15:

I know you won't listen but save yourself the trouble and just rent the bonus disc. This disc has the 2005 version which is basically the Turner cut of the movie trimmed by six minutes. The commentary track in typical Hollywood fashion is not so much about Peckinpah or the film but about the trials and tribulations of recutting this 2005 version. In other words, some no-name editor has taken a classic film that he had no part of and made it all about himself. The bonus disc has the 1988 "director's cut" of the movie and commentary that is actually about the movie. Just rent that.

LBangs, can you confirm?

You know what? I can't comment.

I caught the old theatrical version as a kid and thought it was rather dull and simple. I rented the film from Netflix and received the first disc, which I now realize is the much booed new version. I loved it.

So I guess I still haven't seen the turner preview/director's cut/second disc version...

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Ah, gotcha. grandpa_chum's post leaves me to torn: editing but restored, or unedited and too dark. Since you loved the former (and since grandpa_chum seems to think it might be the lesser of two evils for folks that aren't Peckinpah aficionados), maybe I'll give that one a go.

I think I may have under estimated the disc 2 of the dvd set. It's not as dark as I said and the only real sound problem is with the song playing during the end credits. It's still too dark, but not as bad as I said, and the song is still off, but listenable... I'd still say go with the first disc if you're just looking to see the film... but if you are a fan and an extra junky rent the second one(or hell buy the set)... I'm still angry they couldn't come out with a up to snuff second disc, but the quality isn't as bad as I said originally, as I realize upon rewatching it... so don't let me scare you away if you have an urge to see the '88 Turner Preview version, it's not that bad of a dvd, but it could be a lot better.

I certainly can't claim it is the best, but I can tell you I loved it.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

although I completely agree with the user review that the 2005 version is all about some idiot editor and far inferior to the '88 version of the film... I would recommend renting the 2005 version dvd simply because of quality, the '88 turner version bonus disc is possibly the worst non-restoration of a transfer I've seen... it's much too dark... it looks like a collection of 'day-for-night' scenes with the occasional pitch black 'I can't see shit' scene throw in. not to mention the sound in the final 3 or 4 minutes of the film is so bad it makes a bob dylan song sound horrible, which is tough to do... personally I'd still rather watch the shitty dvd(luckily I don't have to thanks to my bootleg copy from some laserdisc transfer)... but I would recommend going with the '05 disc if your not a peckinpah purist or superfan, being both I despise it... i'm sure my duality didn't help at all.

I should also point out that there is much more difference than simply cutting off 6 minutes from the running time, the idiot editor made in my estimation about 25-30 changes, most of which were simply justified by him saying on the commentary something along the lines of "well i'm a seasoned hollywood editor and THAT simply does not work"... the worst part is he says it as if that would translate into what peckinpah would want.

Now that it's come up and somebody may actually read it, i'm gonna make a list this weekend that lists all the differences and why the bottom line is that peckinpah screened (almost)exactly what is on the '88 version(plus garrett's wife scene which was inexplicably cut) to his friends and family for 20 years and the new '05 version is only a few small changes from the catastrophic theatrical release peck wanted his name removed from... unbelievably Paul Seydor(idiot editor) still claims he is the editor god of the definitive pat garrett and billy the kid cut.

obviously i have much more venting to do, but i'll save it for the list.

Very interesting, thanks! And man, that editor sounds like an ass. I'll keep an eye out for your list.

still working on it, but here it is.