Oof. I woke up at 3AM with Listology ideas runnin


Oof. I woke up at 3AM with Listology ideas running through my head, and I've been coding since. Nothing deployed yet, but the next version is coming along nicely. The major new feature will be an integration with Amazon's search facilites (kinda nifty - wait'll you see) and the related Amazon affiliate program (I'm hoping to take a little sting out of The Listology colocation fees - we'll see how that goes). But what features would you like to see? Click "discuss" below to post ideas. I'll either implement them, or tell you why I won't/can't.

You probably won't buy this, but how about having two List Author Directories: one for responsive authors and one for non-responsive authors. A non-responsive author would be defined as someone who hasn't answered any comments on any of his/her lists for, say, six weeks. This might have the effect of giving authors an incentive to be responsive - not wanting to be placed in the ignominious Non-Responsive Authors Directory. Of course, an author wouldn't get chucked into the NRAD just because no one has commented on his/her lists, but only because of failure to answer comments within a reasonable time.

Non-responsiveness is a familiar gripe of somebody I know . . . Hmmm . . . Who could this "anonymous" poster be? Could it be Mr. Wells? :-)

Anyway, whoever you are, interesting suggestion! I'm not sure if I'd want to set up a separate user directory for responsive folks for two reasons:

  1. It is hard to programmatically determine when a post is either directed at the list author, or requires a response. Perhaps someone hasn't responded because all the comments on their lists are statements rather than questions.
  2. I think it would be confusing in general to have two user directories.

But how 'bout this . . . I will look into creating some kind of "gold star" icon that will go next to "active" names in the user directory. So if you've posted a comment or added/modified a list in the last month (for example), you get a gold star. Heck, maybe I really will use a gold star! We can set up some kind Sneech heirarchy.

If possible, I will implement something like this for the forthcoming version (which I plan on releasing at the end of the month at the latest).

Dear Jim,

Very well. I suppose that's better than nothing. Thanks for your response.

Yours sincerely, H.G.Wells

"better than nothing?!" You'll like it, you'll see. The little gold star will fill you with more pride than a separate directory ever could. :)

Assuming, of course, I can get it to work. I tried an approach last night that met with spectacular failure. Turns out doing all the joins necessary to check the various date fields slowed things to a crawl. Going to try something else later this week.

. . . I would also like to add the ability to see the post you are replying to on the "comment" screen. This should make it in to. If not this release, then the next one.

BTW, adding a checkbox so that you can stay logged in indefinitely is on the list, and I plan on including it.