O frabjous day, Carl Hiaasen has a


O frabjous day, Carl Hiaasen has a new book out! Of course, the depressing thing is that I have all his other stuff in paperback, so if I want it to fit on the same shelf, I have to wait (compulsive? probably.).

why not just check it out of the library. read it, then buy the paperback when it comes out?

Because I know I'll end up spending the money on something I haven't read rather than something I've read, and I like owning my favorite books so I can loan them out, read them again (an admittedly rare occurrence), or at least gaze upon them lovingly.

In fact, my father-in-law recently loaned The Eternal Footman back to me after I gave it to him for Christmas, dooming my Morrow collection to incompleteness.

I pretty much agree, though recently have started checking certain things out of the library. (For example Howard Who?, a great book of short stories by Howard Waldrop that's out of print and regularly sells for >$100.

Have you read any of Morrow's more obscure works?

Pardon me for butting in, but I just had to enthuse about Howard Waldrop. I have STRANGE THINGS IN CLOSE UP: THE NEARLY COMPLETE HOWARD WALDROP. My favorites are "The Ugly Chickens" (won a Nebula Award, I think) and "Thor Meets Captain America", but there's nary a dud in the whole book.

Hmm. I haven't seen that one. I've read Going Home Again, and am working on both Strange Monsters of the Recent Past and Howard Who?. Night of the Cooters and Them Bones are both in my "to be read" pile.

I've been enjoying Howard Who? more than I did Going Home Again but then again he seems like the kind of author you have to get used to, so I'd probably appreciate GHA more if I re-read it.

I've just been looking at the copyright page of the Wadrop book I mentioned, which tells me it's a combination of the two books you are reading: HOWARD WHO? and ALL ABOUT STRANGE MONSTERS OF THE RECENT PAST. And I was mistaken about "Thor Meets Captain America" - it's by David Brin. Sorry.

I have got to get hold of those other Waldrops.

And I forgot to mention that "God's Hooks" is also superb.

I haven't. Just the Towing Jehovah stuff (2 of 3), City of Truth, This is the Way the World Ends, and Bible Stories for Adults. What else do you like? I think I remember you mentioning Only Begotten Daughter . . .

Only Begotten Daughter is fantastic. This is the Way the World Ends is my least favorite of his books. I really enjoyed The Wind of Violence as well.

hey,jim, i didn't know hiaasen had a new one out!
that's great,but like you, i'll have to wait on the paperback,too! (compulsive? oh,yes) i usually
have a friend that buys it in hardback,and i'll read that then buy the paperback anyway (of my "keepers" like hiaasen,shames and a few others.)
i like your site,keep the lists rolling.

I hate waiting. Maybe you could convince your friend to mail the hardcover over? :) Thanks for the compliments on the site.