No Aronofsky Watchmen


Just a quickie: I repeated the rumor that Aronofsky was going to do The Watchmen, but now it ain't so. He's probably a lucky fellow, as I'm thinking it's unadaptable unless you can convince the studios to give you a six hour runtime.

Aaaaargh. How much bad news am I going to have to take this week?

Anyway, the word from Stax, someone I trust, is that the current Watchmen script is pretty damned good. There are changes and eliminations of course, but otherwise it's pretty true to the comic (and better than the Sam Hamm script, which I have, and sucks.)

Hopefully this link works: Stax review.

Well dang, now I can't even console myself with the thought that the project was unadaptable, so who cares Aronofsky's off it? Bummer. Well, if the script is as good as that review suggests, hopefully they'll get at least a serviceable director. Going with a director that isn't identified via a one-word moniker will be a good start.

Ha! So true. (and this is from someone who liked the first Charlie's Angels.)

Addendum: I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for David Fincher (not that his name has come in any official capacity).

Looks like The Watchmen is going to Paul Greengrass. I think this is a good thing. Perhaps not better than Aronofsky, considering the material, but still a promising choice.

Eeesh, I'm a little worried about that choice. My fear now is that the movie will look like the graphic novel, only with the pages flipping past our faces at tremendous speed.

Hey, welcome back, by the way!

In the words of Taster's Choice, or perhaps Matrix Reloaded, "it's good to be back."

LOL. Not a Bourne Supremacy fan then, I take it? I loved it, but I admit that its action scenes were probably off-putting for many. Indeed, in most cases I find that style of action choreography frustrating, but for some reason it worked for me there.

To be fair, I haven't seen Bourne Supremacy yet, but I remember seeing the previews and thinking, "oh crap, is it all going to be like that?", and discovering through Steve/Cosgrove that, yes, it is. But again, I haven't seen it yet and probably will when it comes out on DVD, so it could end up working for me as well.

Keeping the thread alive....

Just getting back from The Incredibles, and now I'm not sure I want to see a Watchmen movie now, either. A few important details are swiped for the Pixar movie, enough that I can't help but wonder if people will accept what will essentially be a dark, realistic, pessimistic version of The Incredibles.

91, good score! Nice to see the dazzling Pixar streak continues to roll.