Netflix Greasemonkey Script


I've been, umm, monkeying around with the Greasemonkey Firefox extension, which allows you to customize the behavior of other web sites. Very cool. I just finished my first experiment, which is an enhancement to the Netflix queue. With my script when you change a movie's priority in the queue, the rest of your queue is reordered and sorted automatically (you still have to hit "save" to load the changes to Netflix though). Anyway, if you're running Firefox (and if you aren't, why the heck not?! :-) you can see it in action if you install Greasemonkey and then install my Autosort Netflix Queue script. I thought about doing drag-and-drop sorting, but that seemed to be less useful if you have more than a screen's worth of movies in your queue.

Hmm.. I know that Opera is also capable of using GreaseMonkey scripts. Does anyone know if it can use scripts designed for Firefox or if they need to be specifically tailored for Opera?

I think, as long as there are no problems with the Javascript, Opera can run Greasemonkey scripts out of the box. Unfortunately, there seems to be something in my code that Opera doesn't like. I just tried it, and nothing happens (the Javascript console shows the error to be in my script though, so I know it is getting executed).

Ok. Thanks, Jim.

I'll be happy to blog about this, but I doubt I'll use your script. I find that Netflix Freak does the job for me quite well.

Maybe my reading-comprehension skills aren't what they used to be, but how is your script different from what Netflix does anyway?

Thanks! If I were on a Mac I'd use Netflix Freak instead too.

In Netflix, if you change the priority of a movie, it doesn't change the priority of any of the other movies. Nor does it sort them immediately (it resorts when you save). Normally this behavior doesn't bother me, but I've run into trouble in the past where I've tried to reprioritize a bunch of movies without renumbering the others, only to have Netflix tell me I can't give movies the same priority number, forcing me to renumber everything by hand. When viewing your queue with my script in play, the renumbering and resorting is done automatically, every time you change a movie's priority, and without a trip back to the Netflix server.

Very nice...thanks! :-)

Cool, I wasn't sure if there were any Listologist Netflix subscribers that also ran Firefox and Greasemonkey! It's gotta be a pretty small subset of the Internet-using world. So it worked? How many movies do you have in your queue? I'm curious how it performs on loaded queues (I only have 35 in mine at the moment).

132 and counting at the moment. Honestly, I know nothing about how Greasemonkey works, but I have it installed just for things like this.

I'd also love to find a script that would allow me to group my queue by actor, director or genre.

Greasemonkey can "inject" the Javascript defined in the scripts into specific (or all) pages as they are rendered. In this manner, script writers can change the behavior of pages. Here's a general purpose one I like.

Unfortunately, I think your dream script might be out of reach. Since the data you want to group by is not included on the queue, such a script would have to parse the queue, get all the movie links, and then for each movie do a separate trip to the server to retrieve that information. Then the info could be injected into the queue table and worked with, but all those server hits would be time-consuming and would greatly affect the performance of your queue (I'm guessing).