Netflix Anyone?


A co-worker recently mentioned to me that Netflix runs a great service for movie fans with DVD players. She's been using it for a year and thinks it's terrific. Anyone else have experience with this service? It sure sounds nice in concept; I'm tempted.

Well now, how much do you *really* like dvd's?

Netflix is pretty good, although i found i kept them long enough that i wasn't getting very many a month, with the lag turnaround time in the mail. But, if you plan well, it's a pretty good deal.

If, however, you wanna watch dvd's ALL the time, try blockbuster's deal. I don't know if it's just in california or what, but it's 30 dvd's, for 30 days, for $19.99. The catch is, that it's strictly one dvd per night... If you don't rent a movie on Tuesday, you can't say, "Okay, i'll rent two dvd's on Wednesday". You can, however, have more than one out at a time... thus, if you rent a five-day rental dvd on monday, and one on tuesday, and wed, thur, and fri, you can still have the monday one out on friday, and all the others too.
Really, for twenty bucks, if you figure it's generally a good 3 to 4 bucks to rent a dvd, even if you just get 5 or 7 movies in that entire month, you're still a little ahead.

Basically, netflix is good if you wanna hang on to the dvd's for a while and watch them at your leisure (and have up to 3 at a time, or more if you pay more), but you have to plan in advance what you want to see. The blockbuster video dvd rental pass is good if you're the type of person that suddenly wants a dvd to watch tonight, and likes to choose randomly.

Wow, long-winded, but my wife and I really like renting dvd's, so we put a lot of thought into the two systems.

If you like vhs a lot, Blockbuster has a similar system for vhs, only it's $7.99 a month.

Later, guys.


Qui custodet ipso custodes?

Cool, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, I live in the sticks, so there's no Blockbuster near here (and I assume the Blockbuster deal is a "show up at the store" deal rather than via mail). I love our local video store, but their DVD collection is kinda sparse. Hence my Netflix interest.

As for my viewing habits, I was kinda thinking I'd watch 'em immediately upon receipt and then ship them back the next day. Any projections for how many per month that will get me under the basic plan?

I also like the queue idea. I'm hoping I'll put a bunch of movies I should see on there, and then I'll feel compelled to watch them when they come. Too often, when I go to the video store and browse, I pick up the latest schlock rather than something more meaty that has migrated off the "new releases" shelf. So in theory, I'll watch a better class of film by using a queue. :-)

Yeah, I agree with kbuxton... It's hard to believe your Blockbuster Saturation is that low.

In that case, the Netflix thing is a pretty good deal, imho... although from what I experienced, dgeiser1's estimate is a little optimistic, but it depends on how good you are about getting 'em out the door, i guess, and how your post office runs. Despite being in the middle of souther california, I was at the time living in a town that was like a little slice of backwoods- thus, not the best public services.

And yeah, the queue is very nice to have- good luck in the quest for more "respectable" viewing :)


Qui custodet ipso custodes?

Thanks! Knowing me, I'll find a way to keep the schlock-factor high, even with a queue. But I have high hopes in spite of myself.

Jim, last week they sent me The Contender on Tuesday and I got it on Saturday. Today I got Central Station and American History X which were shipped on Saturday. I think my local PO slowed The Contender shipment down.

Counting turnaround you could probably get one there and back 2 or 3 times in a 2 week period. If you're at the 4 movie plateau that would 2 or 3 films x 4 x 2 (2 week periods in a month) = 16 to 24 a month. Does that seem reasonable to the other NetFlix users?

The queue helps me alot. Unfortunately I have 334 films in my queue right now. You could always just try it for a month. :-)

BTW, I mean't 16-24 films a month if you actually did get them in the mail the next day!

That's quite a queue! And yeah, I believe I will try it. I'm in the midst of some construction in the family room (the old shelving arrangement could accommodate the VCR or DVD player, but not both), so I'll sign up once everything is put back together.

Wow. I didn't think there was anywhere left in the US that you could get farther than about 5 miles from a blockbuster. The video store I used to go to go bought my them, and there's now one 2 blocks from my house. (and one 2 miles away and ...)

I live in Berkshire County, MA. A cultural/tourist mecca during the summer, but a veritable wasteland as far as Blockbuster is concerned (that map is based on the address of their nearest location to me according to their website).

Hey, Jim! I've been using for about a year now, too. Their selection is great. The web interface is nice as well. As LBangs mentions they can be slow at times. My last great experience with slowness was around Christmas though so this might have been related to the USPS as well.

I've noticed there are a number of other Rent DVD by Postal Mail places out there now. I was considering compiling a chart to see if the others were as good or better to see if I could save myself some money.

Currently I pay $19.95 a month for unlimited DVD rentals. With my plan you can have up to 4 out at any given time. They also have an 8 disc plateau for twice that amount.

I'm a member of Netflix. It is a fairly good outfit. They are slow at times getting new discs out to you (they'll claim they haven't received your old discs back yet, but the truth is that they are simply slow at times), but the selection can't be beat. I recommend it.

I sent an email about the slow turnaround time, and while they profusely denied that they had received the disc earlier than they claimed, I notice my turnaround time went down by a week afterwards. So if you have any problems, email them.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs