Off to Nationals!


I'll be away for a bit (not that you'd notice given the sparsity of my attendance lately), as my Ultimate team qualified for Nationals! I'm playing for "Salt" in the Masters division. Be back Monday or so. My apologies to new users making comments that are awaiting my moderation (unless I left the moderation interface open for my anonymous stand-in (if he's willing), I can't remember, and I have to run...).

Not that I'm deeply interested in frizby throwing but, how did you do?

Never has the line between 0-7 and 5-2 felt so thin. :-)

yikesahudi! I don't have to imagine having the wheels (wheel? ligament?) coming off straight outta the box. My sympathies. Remember: *The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to... ooowwww!*

Thanks for the sympathies! I did get Thursday and Friday games in (all the pool play games). Having the wheel come off first point of the day Saturday (the placement games for the 9-12 rank) was still physically and emotionally painful though.

Let me see if I have this straight. You were retired injured in the first game. Then you had to sit and watch your team lose not only that game but the six other games they played - most of which they either should or could have won. The compensations being good (unhealthy) coffee and nice sunburn-and-sand amenities.

I see. Well, as long as you had a good time :-(

No no, the tournament started on Thursday! I got five of the seven games in before getting hurt.

So you actually played in those losing games. Ummm, I suppose that's better.

And I apologise to Odysseus if I misled him.

Much better! This year we qualified. Next year, if all goes well, we'll qualify and win some. Playing in the post-season and losing is better than not getting past the regular season at all. I'm proud, if unsatisfied.

Wow. I'm impressed.

Go Jim!

That's awesome! Congratulations, Jim, and best of luck at Nationals!