Login/Logout Problems?


Is anybody out there having problems being spontaneously logged out of Listology? I've heard from one Listologist about this problem, and I'd like to know if it's widespread. No need to reply if Listology is behaving normally for you. Thanks!

Hey, Jim. A small update on the Login/Logout situation.

I was sitting here this morning and realized that I hadn't added a movie to my Watched in 2003 list that I saw 2 days ago. I decided to go ahead and do it real quick.

I brought up the Listology web site, http://www.listology/, and there was no indication from the front page that I might be logged out, i.e. no "donations" box.

I then clicked on My Content and it displayed a "donations" box on the left-hand side and the normal Login fields. Obviously the site (or my computer) showed me as logged out.

Out of curiousity, without closing the original window, I brought up another instance of the Listology front page. No "donations" box. I clicked on My Content and it displayed the login fields as expected BUT there was no "Donations" box on the left-hand side.

How could I possibly be logged out and displaying the "donations" box in one instance of my browser and logged out and not displaying a "Donations" box on another instance of the browser?

Not to mention how I ended up being logged out in the first place considering I was logged in last night just fine around 7 pm. Of course I realize that if my computer is messing with the cookies overnight then all bets are off. I have yet to get to the bottom of that.

I'm so sorry, but I continue to be baffled! I thought I'd mention one thing that might help your debugging though: the "donation" box does not appear all the time for non-donors. It comes up roughly a third of the time, by design.

Hey, Jim! Just to give you some more insight into what I am seeing...

I have a simple HTML file on my desktop. It has links to all of my favorite web sites.

Earlier today when I got to work I clicked on the Listology links to see if there was anything of interest. When it brought up the page earlier it had me logged in. I read a few things and then close out the window.

So now it's lunchtime, I go back to read and click on the exact same link on my desktop, and this time I'm not logged on.

So, I'm thinking, whoa. I haven't done a single thing with the web site since I was last on 2 hours ago and all of a sudden i'm logged off.

So just for the heck of it, while leaving the "logged off" browser window open I clicked my desktop Listology links again. This time it opened the site up, with me logged on.

So I have 2 windows, one "logged on" and one "logged off". And these links were probably clocked on within 5 seconds of each other. So I click on the link a few more times and without any real regular pattern it's showing me logged in sometimes and logged out sometimes.

Now, since I'm not seeing a pattern I decided to see if I can at least get a percentage of how many times it will have me logged in and how many times logged out. I'm going to run that test right now. I'll post my results in a few minutes.

Alright then. Perhaps that's not going to work. After I posted this last message I went to lunch, came back, and tried to recreate what I was seeing before lunch. Now no logged out issues are occuring.

If I were to take a guess, I'd say before I went to lunch about 30% of the time when I brought up the site, it was showing me logged out, specifically by displaying the Donation box on the front page. And this was when I was opening up the site in different browser windows consecutively.

I dunno Dan, I'm stumped! I haven't changed any of the authentication code in months (and I haven't changed any other code in weeks). Is anybody else out there having this problem?

Sorry I haven't been able to help so far!