Since The Listology is so highly cross-referenced


Since The Listology is so highly cross-referenced and hyperlinked, I thought it would be useful to post a brief tutorial on creating links. This will allow you to link to other lists, authors, search results, external resources, etc. Click "discuss" below to read the tutorial.

[Please note that some of the URLs below are broken into multiple lines for readability. In real life, URLS have no line breaks or spaces in them, so keep that in mind when creating your own links.]

Here is a template for a basic link:

<A HREF="[URL of page to link to]">[descriptive text]</A>

So to create a link, you type the bold stuff above, put the URL you want to link to between
the quotes, and put the descriptive text that you would like to display in the link between the
<A HREF="..."> and </A>.

So if you wanted to link to The Listology home page, all you'd type is this:

<A HREF="">The Listology</A>

This would result in this link: The Listology.

Linking to a list is just as easy. Just navigate to the list you want to link to, copy the URL
of the list, and then paste it into the link you are trying to create like so:

<A href="">>Favorite Movies by Genre</A>

This would result in this link: Favorite Movies by Genre.

Linking to search results is also easy. Just use the template below, filling in your
search terms.

<A href="">[search words]">[descriptive text]</A>

The only weird thing here is that if you want to search against multiple words, you have to
put plusses between the words instead of spaces. So if you wanted to create a link to "Guilty Pleasures" lists, you'd type this:

<A href="">>the "guilty pleasures" lists</A>

This would result in this link: the "guilty pleasures" lists.

Feel free to post questions below.

jim, i noticed that if i try to link to one of my own listology lists, i have to open a new window and log out because otherwise the URL is the editable-by-author kind. it's not that big of a deal, but is there an easier way?

Good point. For lists that have comments, you can click on the "number of comments" link to get to the non-owner version of the list. I'll try to put a clickable "0" in for lists with no comments by the end of the day (as UncRoger suggested awhile ago).

Okay, this is done. You can now always click on the number of comments next to one of your own lists to view the comments (and the list, as it appears to the outside world). Lists without comments will have a zero next to them (but you can still click on the zero to view the list).