Listology Bug?


Could y'all do me a favor? Under the "Hightlights" box to the left click on "Recent Posts" and let me know if you get an error. No need to post if it comes up fine. A buddy of mine gets an error on that page, but I do not, which is baffling.

The clear votes thing is broketh. Doesn't seem to do anything, but you never know. It may secretly be stealing my soul.

I take the above back. It does seem to be removing the votes and allowing people to revote, but it's not changing the number of votes on the My Content page (though it may still be stealing my soul as well).

heh, okay, it is changing (Opera loves its cache), but 3 is the new 0 for it. It had 3 votes before that last big update you did, and it doesn't seem to want to release those 3 votes. I could probably delete the poll and restart it and it should be fine.

Fixedeth. Thanks for the catch! Let me know if it's still giving you trouble.

This may have something to do with it, Jim. When I tried the link before I'd signed in, I got the error page. When I tried it after I'd signed in, I got the correct recent updates page.

This was the key, thanks Stumpy! Should be fixed now. Thanks to all for the feedback.

same deal here... pre-sign in, i get an error... post-sign in, it's fine.

I can also verify this experience.