LBangs on MSNBC, Bertie on Powell's

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I did quite the double-take this morning, as I read the MSNBC story Grammy's Sentimental Journey and got to this part:

But Grammy has a sentimental—if not regretful—side, too. Take blogger lbangs' review of the 2004 Grammys...

He's "prophetic", but only "partially correct". Heck, aren't we all? :-)

Meanwhile, Powell's taps bertie's review of The Philosopher at the End of the Universe for a soundbite.


I've promised not to boast anymore, but that was against boasting in my own homepage posts. This is Jim's, so here goes:

My essay on philosophy of art has been cited on two 'Best of the Internet' sites.

This one and this one.

Nevermind the bullocks, here's Listology!

First steps toward global media domination? Sure.

Thanks for posting this. I never would have noticed, and now ma and pa will be proud!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

You are too cool.

Sadly, no. I am so uncool that I am occasionally mistaken for cool.

Thanks, though! You are the real deal!

Shalom, y'all!

L. bangs

How excellent! Kudos to all.