The Latest News on Listology 2.0

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Alrighty - at this point Listology 2.0 has seen some decent traffic and nobody has reported any major bugs. That's a good sign coming into my impending absence . . . I'll be away from the Internet from tomorrow until March 4th. Please continue to e-mail me bug reports and feature requests. I'll attend to them when I return. Thanks!

Some random notes:

  1. Polls have taken off like gangbusters; glad it was worth implementing! I'll have to add a "most vote-getting polls" page.

  • I've restored the flag on your content page that allows you to see which ones have gotten new comments. It works better in this version in that the flag is cleared when you save the list (as before) but also when you post a reply (new).
  • Hmm, thought I had more to say. Must be tired.
  • Hi, Jim,
    I was wondering is their still a place we can use to post news to the front page?

    Yup, editors can go here: Have fun!