Kill Bill Review


As I'm currenting digging Kill Bill, I'm reading various articles on it, and I thought I'd share this review, which makes some interesting observations.

Unrelated, except that it's written by the same author and I share some of his views: Tinkering and Fidgeting: Alien and Cinematic Revisionism.

Wow, he's also seen and reviewed Hero. I like this guy (and I really do hope that movie sees the light of day in the US eventually).

So do I. Miramax claims it's coming out next summer, but that should be taken with as large a grain a salt as you can carry.

Thanks for the complements.

Yeah, and in addition to that breadbox-sized grain of salt, I'm also going to carry around the foolish hope that they won't do something stupid like cut it, dub it, or find a way to sneak "kung fu fighting" into the soundtrack.

Jim, did you tell Ian Whitney about Listology? Or did he just find it?

He just found it, I assume by looking at his referrer logs (i.e. he can tell what link his visitors follow to get to his site).

Nice! That's pretty cool.

Referer logs tell me everything; where you came from, what you looked at, what you had for dinner, how long it's been since your last dental appointment, etc. - Ian

By the way, thanks for dropping by! I looked for some contact information for you at Dual Lens, but couldn't find any, so I'll ask you here: I was wondering if you've considered adding an RSS feed to Dual Lens, or some kind of e-mail notification so I can easily come on by when something new is posted?

Jim, which RSS reader do you use?

Radio UserLand. You?

None right now. But I have used Radio Userland before and a handful of other ones. I've been using Daily Rotation,, as sort of my newspage and I think it gets it's headlines via RSS.

Thanks. This is a nice site you've got here. No RSS yet. Right now I'm writing a new publishing engine & I'll be able to do RSS once that's done. Normally we publish every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, although we were on a reduced schedule in October.

Cool. What made you decide to write from scratch rather than use something like Moveable Type? Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a "write from scratch" kind of guy. What are you writing it in, and what's it going to enable you to do? Or if you prefer, I'll just sit tight and keep an eye on your site. :-)

I don't like static systems like MT. Most of my work has been with database driven sites, and that's what I prefer. Dual Lens is currently using a very shoddy database, which works but isn't very flexible.

The tool I'm working on will allow me much more flexibility. Reviews can be written for multiple movies or for no movies at all (currently it's a one-to-one). Content will use parent-child relationships. I'll have much greater control over presentation; using templates stored in a database I'll be able to format the information based upon context and user preferences. There are a bunch of other features in there too, I just have to finish figuring out what they are.