As if I weren't eager enough to see Toy Story 2, t


As if I weren't eager enough to see Toy Story 2, the reviews here, here, and here have me drooling. Anybody seen it?

My boyfriend and I both went to see Toy Story 2. We both felt that the sequal was better than the origional! I especially liked seeing some of the old characters (like the little green men and Mr. Potato Head) and liked what they did with the new ones (Think of Barbie as a tour guide). This Pixar production is a must see whether you have kids or not. The animation, as always, is wonderful.

Yes, it's great--go see it, definitely.

There are a LOT of little details and jokes throughout (I counted at least three "Forrest
Gump" references, for example)--some obvious, some
not. I think I liked it better than the first one, partially because the characters and their personalities are familiar to us now and the writers were able to do more fun stuff with them as a result. Very nice. Also, the underlying morals are *much* more positive toward kids than,

What a great year for movies! I am stupefied.
"Being John Malkovich", "Iron Giant", "TS2", I could go on and on...

Isn't it a wonderful time to be alive? And the rest of the year holds so much promise! Have you checked out what's coming? Plenty there to eagerly anticipate. Although I have to admit that scheduling the Shakespearean bloodbath Titus for Dec. 25th has me a bit baffled . . .