I hardly know where to begin criticizing


I hardly know where to begin criticizing VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Rock and Roll. I'll try anyway:

  • The Beach Boys have three songs on the list while Madonna gets nuthin'.
  • Then again, there are only two entries for solo female artists on the whole list, so I guess that's fair (yeah right).
  • The Eagles weigh in at #6 with "Hotel Boringfornia", while The Beatles don't make an appearance until #9.
  • Oh yeah, The Beach Boys also beat The Beatles with the #8 pick.
  • Probably untrue, but I once heard that Robert Plant called "Stairway to Heaven", "the long, boring bastard." But that didn't keep it from earning the #3 spot (also handily beating the top Beatles song).
  • When did "We've Only Just Begun" by The Carpenters become a rock song?
  • Nothing from Peter Gabriel? "In Your Eyes?" Nothing?

I love design-by-committee.

Interesting that the #3 "MOVIE SOUNDTACK SONG" [sic] was "My Heat Will Go On / Celine Dion" [sic]. That must be from TiTantric or something. 8^)

But since when has VH1 ever known anything about music?

They don't. That's why they polled 700 "experts".

Of course, this means they don't even know people that know about music. :)

And one of the two songs by a solo female artist is arguably a country-western song. Where's Janis Joplin?

Or for that matter, Bonnie Raitt?

Also, I would have included UB40's rendition of Red, Red Wine under cover songs (originally done by Neil Diamond, iirc). And I'm honestly surprised that Gloria Estefan's cover of a disco song a couple years back wasn't there. Seems like VH1 stuff.

Ooh, Bonnie Raitt! Good one!

And the list isn't even consistent . . . If they're going to include "long, boring bastards", where the heck is "Freebird?" :)

At #44. But I rather like that song.

Whoops! Shows you what I know. I missed it on the first pass and, not believing it possible, did a text search for "Freebird". Two words. Silly me.

Regarding Freebird, Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, etc., it's not so much that I don't like those songs (although I've come to not like them because I've heard them sooo many times), it's that I don't think they represent the best those bands have to offer. And I don't think Hotel California or Stairway to Heaven belong in the top 10 in any case. But that's probably personal.

I have never thought the Beatles added much to music. It seems like the members best contributions came after their break up and as either solists or with other bands

I'm actually not that big a Beatles fan, and it's not so much that I object to their top entry being #9 (I mean, there are so many Beatles songs, so they probably split the vote). What I object to is some of the songs/bands that came in above The Beatles. The Eagles fer cryin' out loud!

And while I'm not a huge fan, I do think their contribution to music was significant. We can go back-and-forth on that point if you want. :)

Well, we have to disagree -- my Holy Trinity is The Beatles, Mark and Eric. But whether you like them or not, they did have a serious impact on modern music.

Actually, I think you disagree with the guy above me. I agree that The Beatles were significant.

To me, it's not even the issue that the Eagles beat the Beatles, but with Hotel California? That's not even one of their best songs!

Okay, so what's better than Hotel California? Desperado, perhaps... Certainly not Take it Easy. I have to admit I don't know the Eagles' repertoire in depth, but I do like HC a lot.

Yeah, I'm probably overly harsh because I hold Joe Walsh's ability to have a solo career against The Eagles. And I agree that they've done much better than Hotel California.