Fun Novels That Aren't SF


I found a nice thread over on Kuroshin entitled Fun Novels That Aren't SF. Seems that they cover a lot of stuff that we've bandied about here before but I thought there might be some new things to pique a listolog's interest. Check it out if you get a chance!

A lot of the recommendations there were good ones and I'll probably try to wade through and see if there's anything I want to check out. I have a lot of trouble mentally dealing with the slashdot-esque style of discussion boards though. There's so much junk there all on one page it gets annoying for me to read through.

Don't take that as a critique of your post though, I just felt an odd need to vent after skimming that.

Thanks for the link, Dan. I've only recently started reading Kuro5hin, and I enjoy it. Most recently I read a fantastic article on the Chinese game Go over there that made me want to play (or rather, add to all the other abstract strategy games that I enjoy in theory but never play because of lack of time/opponents).