Frank Miller's 300


Here's a project with potential: Zack Snyder, who directed the surprisingly-good Dawn of the Dead remake, is going to turn Frank Miller's 300 into a movie. I'm curious about the look of the movie:

Warners said 300 will rely on hyper-real renderings similar to the stylized illustrations created by Miller for his book.

Doesn't sound like it will be the direct transfer Sin City was, but I imagine the success of that movie paved the way for this one. Gerard Butler is going to star, and even though I've never heard of him apparently he's cut out for this kind of work, having also played Attila the Hun and Beowulf. Speaking of Beowulf & Grendel, look at Sarah Polley nestled in there amongst all those strongly Scandanavian names.

I never got around to reading 300. I'll have to make an effort before the film comes out.

I love that Sarah Polley shows up in the unlikeliest of places. That Canadian sparkplug does us proud.