False Alarm


I've decided to stick around as the Listology administrator. Before I explain, first let me apologize for flip-flopping, and for any worries I caused in announcing I was looking for a successor. I'm sorry for this time of insecurity!

When I announced I was looking for a successor, my intention was to find someone who truly loved Listology, and who had a vision for improving the site, as I've merely been maintaining the status quo for a long time, and felt guilty about that. I was also feeling burned out, and was trying to simplify my life (even by cutting out stuff that really didn't take much energy on my part, like Listology).

What I found, upon looking for a successor, was that there were people willing to take over if necessary, but nobody truly psyched (it seemed, sorry if I misread you!) to take over. Mostly these were folks who didn't want the site to die. I also found that most folks seem to be pretty darn happy with the status quo, which went a long way towards assuaging my guilt.

I also took an overdue vacation, and that helped with the burnout. :-)

So, the bottom line, for better or worse, is that I'm sticking around. Thank you for all the kind words and offers of support, and I'm sorry for jerking you around!

Yiiiipppppiiiieeeeeeee!!!!!! This site is just great. I'd say "status quo" is more than enough!

I am so glad you're staying in charge of listology, Jim. You have always run this site well, and you've been friendly to everyone who chooses to post here.

You may think I'm gone forever--not so! I am slogging through my dissertation (revising chapter three of five at the moment), so I can hopefully graduate in time for a teaching job Fall 2008. I fully intend to make my return when I have more time, but it certainly wouldn't be the same without you!

Johnny Waco

Jim, I'm very happy about your 'return'. But you know it means our grip on you is tighter than ever now. Bwahahaha! You'll never escape the green and gold (Australia's sporting colors, btw). The fact that you couldn't bear to hand your creation over to another shows that you love it best of all and are thus the one best suited to maintain the genius of this locus.

I second those emotions.

Now if your could just prevail upon dgeiser13 to run the front page. Nothing says "moribund" like a home page updated every two and a half weeks like clockwork.

Jim, you rock out, and I'm really glad you're sticking around to steer this glorious mess.

But if you need help at all, just ask. I'll even dig out my old CF manuals at your request.

We loves ya! I do love a good flip-flopper. Seriously.

Wow, THANK YOU everyone! Feeling much better about all this, and thanks again for putting up with my momentary crisis. I'll be offline for a bit, then back next week. I'm behind (again) on my reviews, so I'll have to get those up then (Akeelah and the Bee, The Break-up, The Last King of Scotland, and The Host).

It's awfully nice to be back, even if I never left!

Works for me :)

Two things:

A) There is NOTHING WRONG with the status quo. Clean, simple, elegant, user friendly. I'm a fan. :-)

B) Ooh, yeah, what a nice vacation won't do for ya. Got a miniature one coming up myself... can't bloody wait. Glad to hear yours was properly refreshing, man. And, of course, glad to hear you're staying on.


I'm glad the vacation put a little zip into your zing!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

That's terrific news. I love the site the way it is now, and I hope you will maintain it for a long while to come :-)))

Yay, Jim! :-)

Good news. :-)

Listology's minimalist Web 1.0 look is refreshing to me, frankly. Who needs all those high tech bells-and-whistles in my opinion.


When I read this this morning in the Listology e-mail update a huge smile crept across my face. Pleased to hear it, Jim - very good news indeed. :-)

Jim, thank you.

One of the flipside of being a good, unobtrusive admin is that no one realizes how demanding a job this is and how good you are at it. I for one am glad that the handoff discussion gave me (and others) a chance to show our unabashed appreciation. =)

I hope your vacation was rejuvinating. I like the status quo, and I also look forward to more features!

And I agree with AJ. If anything, you should feel proud when you think of Listology =).


This makes me very happy. We loves ya! :-D


I am quite content with the status quo.

Yeah, you shouldn't feel guilty at all, Jim. There's no reason to change the site I know and love. Very excited to hear you're sticking around!

I agree that it is very nice to know you will remain at the helm. I truly enjoy this site and I'm glad to know that my lists are in good hands. I don't need bells and whistles, but I do need to know that there will be someplace I can turn to tomorrow after I've watched yet another episode of some silly TV show (or seen a movie, or read a book, or whatever) and record the fact for the whole world to see. It's a bit compulsive, I know, but it is an important part of my routine and that makes Listology an important part of my life. You are performing a valuable service here. Keep up the good work (please).

Yay we are so happy to have you back in a sense! Yes the status quo has been great and I love this site!