Ebert's Most Hated


Ebert's Most Hated. Reams of SNL alum movies, bad science fiction and... The Usual Suspects?!

Speaking of The Usual Suspects, anybody here know what current movie (U.S.) that references the notorious Kaiser Soze? You may be surprised.

The Dukes of Hazzard. Sorry I can't remember the exact quote. I was surprised it wasn't on imdb's quote list for the movie.

I couldn't even venture a guess, but I'll be hanging around for the answer.

Same here.

I may be doing Ebert a disservice, but it may be that, like many older people who were exposed to The Usual Suspects, he couldn't get past that scene early-on in which all the suspects have to repeat a phrase including the word c**ksucker. My parents both left the room after that scene, leaving me more than a little embarrassed.

Hi, grandpa_chum!

haha... not sure if this was meant to apply to me as well but i should point out i'm not as old as my name seems to hint... i'm merely 20... but you may be right if we were talking about anyone but Roger Ebert, the man does not discriminate with such trivial things as swearing and offensiveness, reading old reviews and new ones just about every week my respect for the man as a movie lover is really growing, he seems to be the only one that makes a living doing it and isn't full of shit.

Yes, I admit I was having a bit of a dig at you (as we say here in Oz)...no offense intended. Such jokes can backfire, I have found, and I'm glad you are more of a chum than a grandpa.

Actually I also have a measure of respect for Ebert - I can point to this list of mine as evidence. Our esteemed webmaster is less of a fan.

Well, I do enjoy his writing quite a bit. I just don't know what to make of his taste, particularly when he likes movies for which I can find no redeeming qualities.

I actually thought it was a good one bertie, in fact I feel bad for not being older, it could have worked well.

As for ebert's taste and jim, that's funny because I'm about the opposite way with him(which is probably the only way to really love and trust his taste)... I love a whole bunch of movies that he finds horrid and gives 1 or 2 stars, but I've yet to see(and i'm sure I will eventually) an ebert recomended film, and read the review, and absolutely hate it. Basically if I'm looking forward to seeing it and he bashes it, I don't give two sh**s, and if I don't give two sh**s to begin with he can give it the title of best ever and I still won't see it, but if i'm looking forward to it and he recomends it, I really get excited and I've yet to be dissapointed(specially if it's a film an old man shouldn't like, like the devil's rejects)

you know whats even funnier... the more bad things I hear about sour grapes the more I want to see it... and let's just say I want to see it very very very very much... specially considering every bad comment I've heard about it coincides with a reason I love larry davids work... ebert-"puckered, deflated and vinegary... a dead zone"

frankly, I'm dissapointed he didn't stick it to the usual suspects a little more... an 'i don't understand' cop out if you ask me... i hate it too.