Directors' Top 10 Lists


Directors' Top 10 Lists. Skip the snooty Tarantino-bashing intro and go right to the lists.

Thanks Jim, this was a fun read!

I've got no problems with any individual list. I like QT's, since it shows that he still regards movies as a fun time. Interesting to see that The Rules Of The Game is the closest thing to a consensus here. And speaking of Renoir, did anybody else ready the snooty-ass intro anyway and get the urge to slap Walker around with a big fish?

No Preston Sturges, which seems wrong. Hopefully the book gives him his due.

I don't think I've ever seen Salo on anybody's top ten list before. Makes sense to see it on Breillat's, though.

Why is it that Cameron Crowe is able to pick out a lot of movies I love, but he hasn't yet made one himself that I like?

Yeah, QT and Terry Jones like to have fun (no surprise there). Good catch on the missing Sturges, and yes, slapping Walker around with a big fish (a sturgeon, perhaps?) seems appropriate. :-)

You haven't liked any Cameron Crowe movies yet? Not even a little? Say Anything, Jerry Maguire (a touch overrated), Almost Famous (Frances McDormand!), nor Vanilla Sky (underrated)?

God, Gillian Armstrong's list is the most boring I've ever read. You'd think an Australian feminist would have something more interesting to say. They're all great films of course, but lists like this should tell you something about the person who writes them.
To me the best list there is Ken Loach's

Good find, Jim!

I hate to admit this but QT probably has my favorite of the lists, although bertolucci is close... Sidney Lumets list amazes me, for such a great director he really loves some average movies... allegedly anyhow.

Um, what movies on Lumet's list do you consider average?

well intolerance is horrible... godfather, singing in the rain, and Joan of arc are average, at least subpar by top 10 standards... imo anyway... i'm sure he'd rip my top 10 apart too.

In my opinion, the only director with "average" movies on his list is QT. "Rolling Thunder"? "They All Laughed"? "Carrie"? "Coffy"?! "Five Fingers of Death"?

I'm with you, but that's QT for ya.

I'm surprised Paul Verhoeven has such good taste considering his infamous status as a terrible director. That said, I think my taste would most agree with Michael Mann, Terry Jones (now there's a man who appreciates a great comedy), or Cameron Crowe (but Quadrophenia? Really??). On the other hand, I probably wouldn't have much to talk about with Catherine Breillat - I've only seen two of the movies on her list, and thought both were pretty overrated.

And to be honest, I'm a little disappointed with Lumet's list too, though I do love Singin' in the Rain.

Paul Verhoeven is not a terrible director. I will defend him to my last (except for that brief period in the '90s where he fell under the influence of Joe Esterhaus... but ol' Joe can sink anyone).

And Catherine Breillat's favorite film is "In the Realm of the Senses". *snort* Raise your hand if this surprises you in the slightest.

To be honest, I've never seen a Verhoeven film. I just know his reputation.

I agree five of QT's choices are just as questionable, if not more than lumet's, but the thing about QT's list is that the other 5 are so damn great, maybe 5 of the 6 or 8 best films even mentioned in all the lists imo... no one else has even more than 2 that I wholeheartedly agree with, and QT's got 5... as much as his directing is overrated, his taste in movies is something I can at least relate to.

True, but that just means QT's list is wildly inconsistent. I think there's a difference between putting the Godfather on your list even if The Godfather might be a little overrated, and putting a Pam Grier blaxploitation movie on your top 10. I do love The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, His Girl Friday, and The Great Escape, but I haven't seen Rio Bravo or Taxi Driver, so maybe I'd appreciate his list more if I had seen those two.

I see what your saying... I'd just take 5 movies I love plus a pam grier exploitation flick over 1 movie I love plus 9 godfather-esque choices... but is just me.