Collect Call from Darth Vader


Emperor Palpatine takes a call from Darth Vader. The execution's pretty good and the premise is hilarious. (courtesy of Adult Swim)

Seen it, thought it was funny. Sorry my silence made you feel unappreciated.

No biggie, Luke. I watched it 3 times in a row and was laughing hilariously and just needed to someone to comiserate with. Or whatever the "positive" version of comiserate is. I just get jealous when Jim gets 18 comments. ;-)

I'm late to the party. I like it!

I couldn't find a positive version of commiserate in 120 seconds, so something's wrong with the Internet. We need a better reverse dictionary than this, which found hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia from "fear of long words" but gave me nada for "to share pleasure", "to share joy", "to experience pleasure jointly", or a dozen other concept searches. Has anyone else had better luck?


That's better than anything I came up with right away. But celebrate isn't necesarily a corporate behavior, and it doesn't have that connotation of one person seeking out and sharing the feelings of another.

By "corporate" should I assume that you meant "cooperative"? (Or "collaborative"?) If not then I'm all at sea.

You obviously have a specific conception of a word you are looking for and I'm not claiming that "celebrate" has to fit that definition at all (let alone completely.) But I do feel that "celebrate" (and "celebration") has a public implication. I think the word fits your concept searches above. If you're looking for the act of a single person sharing emotionally with another you might want "empathize"... or, more simply, "share". However I think you're right in trying to find something with a greater sense of joy and rejoicing.

What about "rejoice"?

I think "corporate" is the word he meant as in "done by or characteristic of individuals acting together".

A linguist could probably tell us why this isn't coming to mind as easy as we'd like but I can say that the word I would've been looking for would not have been the antonym of commiserate. I think of an antonym as the exact opposite. If commiserate means "to feel or express sorrow or pity for" (or with) then the exact opposite would be "to not feel or express sorrow or pity for" when in fact I'm looking for whatever would be defined as "to feel or express happiness or joy for" (or with).

I hope that made some semblance of sense. :-)

It absolutely does make some semblance of sense. I think an antonym for commiserate would be ignore or desregard. I tried understanding "corporate" in the non-business sense but I got confused between "individuals acting together" and "one person seeking out... another." I'll still put my money on celebrate/rejoice. But it's your word, we all just live in it.

I just love wordifying... erm, definitionification. Whatever. If I have to I will inventalize words.

Not a single comment? Jim, anybody?

Very nice. I was glad to see that they had call waiting a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It made me think of trying to hide the Death Star from the repo man.

It also made me think of this and my brother, who said, "What does it say about me that I wanted to listen to the rest of the song?"

Oh yeah, I've seen that before. Hilarious.

Thanks, AJ! Phew... :-)

By the way, did you find that through StumbleUpon too?

No, I didn't but I should try that StumpleUpon thing. I wonder where in the heck I did get it from. Now I'll have to think long and hard (or else check my Internet Explorer history).

I just discovered StumbleUpon a few days ago and I love it. It's such a great way to kill time and discover some cool stuff while you're at it. I could do this all day...