Chronology of Recent Activity


I've deployed a new way to keep track of what's new on Listology. It's a reverse-chronological view of the 35 most recent news, content changes, and forum posts. Let me know if you think it's useful or not! If enough folks like it, I'll add a link to the "Highlights" box to the left.

I know it's about time I kept my fingers quiet, but just two more questions while we're on the "Recent Activity (all)" topic.

1. Will lists posted under "other" be included in the "recent activity" updates?
2. Will lists posted under the "other" heading ever be allowed to be archived?

1. Yup, already are.
2. They already can be archived. Is it not working for you?

Keep em' coming!

I really like this idea! It should save me and many other Listologists some time in checking newest posts and updates individually (and clicking on the "What's New" button for the lists).

i wholeheartedly agree--an excellent new feature. i vote to keep! ;)

A rousing chorus of approval! That's what I get for deploying on a weekend. :-) Still, that two of my favorite Listologists like it is enough for me, so it's a permanent feature, and there's now a new link in the "Highlights" box to the left.

I also dig it and am very glad to hear I'm not alone. It's a keeper!

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs