Broog on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Word of the day comes via Broog's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory review. It is "puling", as in, "Is it suitable for the puling infant at your breast? Broog has no idea."

Stellar... I now realize that I've been misspelling puling (more precisely, peuling) for a while. At least in my head.
Hey. How ya doin'?
Just illin' and chillin'. Wassup wit-chue?
Nuthin'. Just mewling and puling 'cuz you're an idiot.

But the winner has to be Broog's usage of "maniple," which I'm not sure that I understand... but the opportunities to pun appear delicious.
i.e. 120 to 240 man nipples per maniple.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I think somehow Broog became aware of this post (and attributed it to me?). I got this e-mail from "Forish":

The Mountainous Aesthete and most unambiguous of critical assayors is pleased to devour and consume your tiny electronic offering, and is gladdened that you may be edified and uplifted by your propinquity to his unequalled and unmitigated Self through the textual and electronic realm. Which is to say, Broog observes that you have read his writings, and takes note of your spunky contribution to the 'maniple' discussion. Behold, then, the extent of his fulminatory eloquence: Broog takes pains to answer your uncertainty and lay any confusion in your mammalian cogitative apparatus to well-deserved rest. Thus: [link linkified].

Broog hopes that your necessary minor scourging and your brief sojourn in one of his many painful guestrooms will in no way diminish your enjoyment and appreciation of cinema, nor yet of Himself, and thanks you for your puny yet gratifying interest!

Forish, p.p. Broog, the Mighty, the Puissant, the Most Alien of Film Critics, who has hereby Given Judgement!

Well that's a large gravitational object removed from my mammalian cogitative apparatus. I hope that a suitably expensive gift will be bestowed upon the family of the OED ourallagh. I'm sure that Broog realizes that this is not the first time that I have been declared "puny yet gratifying." Especially after a "spunky contribution."

While The Life Aquatic does indeed appear promising I must admit that I have no plans to view it at the present time. In recognition of this failing I stopped at a convenience store to buy Broog a sjambok. I hope that isn't out of bounds. I'm fairly certain that all amusing thoughts of the University of Michigan football program will be driven from my mind after one more sojourn in one of Broog's many hospitality chambers.

Wow, how deep into the vocabulary pit did you have to dig to emerge with "sjambok" and "ourallagh"? I was almost prepared to believe the latter was made up until figuring out it was Manx.

Not wishing to disturb the prodigious and steatopygous Broog with my frangible intellect I had to look up both "knouting" and "mollags." After many a failed attempt to make a pun with "scourge" and discourage, purge and/or splurge I had to move on... I wish I had thought of "emerge." In a patheic attempt to curry favour I made a piteous and laughable effort to respond in a manner befitting a Broogish dictum. When I am chastised for using "ourallagh" I can only hope that Broog's judgement will be swift and sure.

Speaking of dictum, isn't "sjambok" perfect? The insignificant college football coach was then immediately offered up for Broog's recreation. (Speaking of which, I don't understand what is going on here... let alone how and Broog forbid that I learn why. You don't strike me as having Broog's magnificent munificence but do you have access to his viscous ante-room? Broog does shamble in mysterious and revanchist ways.)

I do love an overlord who forces me into the steaming pits of vocabulary.

Sjambok in indeed perfect. I remember thinking so when I looked it up, green with envy at your word usement.

As far as I know I have done nothing to warrant Broog's attention beyond linking to him, but apparently that's enough. I imagine there's a wide range of experiences possible in his various anterooms, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and am trying not to flinch.