Audition Review


Seattle Maggie reviews Audition:

We had been been tempted by this film ever since its US debut at the 2000 SIFF, where the tantalizing rumor was that some unfortunate festival goer had stumbled from this screening into the theater lobby and either puked, fainted, or both. We wondered what could be so bad as to inspire public regurgitation and/or swooning, then immediately wondered if we really, truly wanted to know.

I'm envious of her writing style, as well as her having a video store clerk knowledgeable enough to tell her, "If you don't watch the last ten minutes, it's just like a John Hughes movie."

I'm always looking for something that can disturb me. Isn't that weird? Well, I rarely find it. I find that many horror films and novels are like a drug that begins to lose its effect. I can honestly say, I found REAL disturbance in Audition. That movie TRULY bothered me. I'm glad for that! I was literally squirming in my seat.

I'd like to say, now: If anyone can recommend something that you think might disturb me, please do. :) It's an emotion I rarely experience, but when I do, it makes me feel alive!

There's a VCD of Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance making the rounds among Listologists - maybe it can be passed on to you. Who has it at the moment?

I'd LOVE to see it, if anyone has it! Thanks!

Don't tell me that's a NEW review of a film four years old...

Umm, yes, it is. Is that bad? I just got through posting reviews of movies 7, 4, 21, 2, and 18 years old. Should I not tell you that either?

No, I guess not, I guess I just misunderstood why you had posted it as 'news.' But, I'm thinking now it was because you liked the writing or something and wanted to comment on it, so that makes sense.

Yup, I'm still just operating on the "posting stuff that I find interesting" modus operandi. Whether or not something is timely isn't really a factor.

Hey, I should be getting Battle Royale off the in mail today or tomorrow!

Am I the next in line?

Oh, and celtchic would like to see Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Who has that now?

Hmmm.... do I? I can't find it amongst my collection, but if I didn't send it off to someone else, then it's around here somewhere. I think I remember sending it out, though.

Perhaps you have an old e-mail lying around with the recipients snail mail address? That would give us a lead.

Afraid not, as I clear my email trash of the several hundred emails in it for every week or so.

But, I did a more thorough check of my CD/DVD collection and it's not there, so I'm quite certain I sent it out (just as I recalled), but I have no idea WHO I sent it out to. I was surprised not to find a post on Listology for the next person - they must have sent an email, as you suspected. Hopefully they'll see this thread or something and speak up.

As far I as I know/recall.

Ah, cool! Look forward to seeing it!