Archiving Some of My "Big" Lists


So I was thinking about archiving my Tier 2 and Tier 3 lists. I'd keep maintaining the "seen in [year]" lists and the Tier 1 lists, but there are just so many good movies that it's starting to seem silly. Also the placement (or non-placement) on those lists is somewhat arbitrary, and smacks of hair-splitting. Thoughts? Anybody care?

Thanks for the replies! I think at this point I'm definitely going to archive those tiers, but keep writing reviews. I'll have to think about some kind of rating system I can use that doesn't just end up with the same hair-splitting problems I have now.

As you probably know, I've been wrestling with the archive/don't archive decisions for quite some time. My latest attempt to keep the headstones clean in the cemet---, oops, the archive ;^) is to put a shortcut link at the bottom of a similar or newer list. Primarily for the newcomers or lurkers who don't immediately know the inner workings of the website yet. It works as a direct arrow taking them where they most want to go (the fastest) without having to use the "search" feature.

I needed to type all that to better suggest that you just add links leading to your archived 2nd and 3rd tier movie lists at the bottom of your Tier 1 list. If a reader likes your opinions, I'm sure they'd rather stay with the same persons opinions on even more. The link makes that easier.

Hmm. Well, I'd be reluctant to throw those tier 2 and 3 lists into the archive, but I do agree that they are getting a bit crowded. But I'll still be happy as long as you keep writing the reviews for the "Seen in..." lists.

How about this? You come up with some kind of rating system (if you wanna stick with tier 1-tier 2-tier 3-nowhere along with the weight class, that's fine; or for something more traditional, just go with some stars; perhaps you could use AAA's letter grading system; or come up with a new, creative way) and stick that with the reviews on your "Seen in..." lists. That'll be a good replacement for the tier 2 and tier 3 lists.

I care enough that I do look for new(ish--this is a nice cave I live in) movies on your list just to see which tier you've put them in.

Then again, I've watched 10 movies the entire year. I may not be the target demographic here.