Another Netflix/Greasemonkey Hack


Netflix allows you to set up profiles that allow you to split up your queue, either for different family members or for different purposes (like if you want to put all TV shows in one profile, for example). I recently split my queue to give my wife her own profile, and one of the things that bugged me was that I had to view her queue separately from my own and, even worse, upon switching back to my queue I had to login again. So, using Greasemonkey, I wrote a script for sucking in other profiles' queues. Note that you'll have to tweak it before installing to include your specific profile ID(s), and that it currently doesn't pull in "Awaiting Release" movies as Netflix doesn't include an RSS feed for that part of the queue, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

Does this mean you can have 1500 movies in one queue?

No, not really. All my script does is allow you to view the other queues on the same page as your queue. You can't manipulate them, reorder them, etc. You still have to go to the other profile for that. So if you have three queues with 500 movies in each, you would have single "queue page" that showed all 1500 movies at once, but you could only manipulate "your" 500.

OK. Thanks for 'splainin.

Ahh.. Since I'm using all the Profiles on my account myself I'll keep using Listology to store the queues for easy viewing.

BTW, is the Listology RSS feed gone or just moved?

I moved it to here:


Hmm.. Bloglines isn't recognizing that URL, and when I open it in a browser it comes up 404.

Oops. Try this one:

I'll fix that in the sidebar shortly.