10 Character Actors


10 Character Actors Who Should Be In Every Movie. JT Walsh should be on the list. I don't care if he's dead.

lq jones is still working.

I like Steve Buscemi.

... and peter stormare(who i forgot), even better when they are together.

wow... that is a horrid list. They couldn't come up with 10 decent characters actors... the first 3 are great, gary cole, nicky katt, and that zoey girl with the long name should be in more movies... fitchner is ok, and forster should be much closer to number 1(although it's hard to argue because it's suprising that he was miraculously included at all)... scott caan would be a great choice if he wasn't already in every movie.

the simple fact that frank whaley and steve zahn were left out makes me sick.

Michael Rappaport is another name that came to mind, but i can't say I'd push for him.

oh and harry dean stanton is still alive last I checked, can you have a character actor list without him.

keith david, mike o'malley, lukas haas, sam huntington, luiz guzman, ricky jay, cary elwes, robbie wahlberg(yes the third wahlberg), mary rajskub, randy quaid, kevin chapman, ned bellamy, darren mcgavin, robert smigel, sherman howard/howard sherman(he changed it), bradley whitford, phil lamar, john goodman, jay baruchel... I could go on forever... all better than half this list.

Glad to see that 4 out of 10 are either on my Favorite Actors list or my Great Character Actors list.

My biggest addition to this list would be Cliff Curtis althought I haven't seen his face onscreen in awhile.

Nice to see Rory Culkin there. He's truly the most talented Culkin (though Macaulay has been doing some interesting stuff lately).

Loved him in Signs and Mean Creek.

The rest on the list are nice choices as well.

Where's Brian Cox?

Also, I can't believe they didn't mention Nicky Katt's hilarious moments in Sin City.

Brian Cox didn't need to be mentioned -- he's already in every movie.