*Greatest Artists of All Time (That Weren't Included On The RollingStone Version)

  1. Queen
  2. Pink Floyd
  3. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  4. Metallica
  5. R.E.M.
  6. The Cure
  7. Pearl Jam
  8. BB King
  9. Robert Johnson
  10. Paul McCartney
  11. The Smiths
  12. Frank Sinatra
  13. Slayer
  14. Rod Stewart
  15. Fleetwood Mac
  16. Van Halen
  17. Rush
  18. Kiss
  19. Louis Armstrong
  20. Neil Diamond
  21. Depeche Mode
  22. Dream Theater
  23. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  24. Leonard Cohen
  25. Boston
  26. Notorious B.I.G.
  27. Willie Nelson
  28. Tragically Hip
  29. Oasis
  30. Donovan
  31. Judas Priest
  32. Bing Crosby
  33. Blur
  34. Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  35. Tom Connors
  36. Gordon Lightfoot
  37. Iron Maiden
  38. Megadeth
  39. Weezer
  40. Daft Punk
Author Comments: 

Not complete. Suggestions are welcome

I would put Creedence Clearwater Revival #1 on the list. I was stunned that they didn't make Rolling Stones top 50 list, let alone 100. I think CCR is greater than Queen and certainly Pink Floyd, which I think is definetly a top 100 band, but which I find to be a tad bit overrated. I actually like Pearl Jam/Eddie Vedder more than Pink Floyd, which I think is a musical father to Radiohead(except I think Radiohead does what Pink Floyd did better).

I don't know if Depeche Mode made Rolling Stone's list, but I'd put them on this list if they weren't. They are a pioneering act in their own way, and there's no denying they cranked out a tremendous amount of distinctly Depeche Mode songs.

I think Tool should be recognized, as well as Slayer cause I don't think I see them anywhere on the bullshit RS list. Dream Theater should be included, I mean come on, John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy are in the band!

The ignoring of Paul McCartney is weirdly prejudicial on a supplemental list that includes Neil Diamond and...Ray Stevens(?). Why not Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs?

Hi if your going to include metallica and slayer you should also include megadeth

I got rid of Green Day

DO you think artists like Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby & Leonard Cohen should be on there? Louis, for example, is far more deserving than a band like, say, Oasis.

I haven't paid much attention to this list. Yes, those are all great additions

If anyone's interested I've redone the list and it's on my page... not trying to spam or anything but people always complain about it so I wanted to see if maybe I could get it right.

But yeah, Tool and Devo should be on your list as well, and maybe Richard D. James, Green Day, and Jethro Tull, too.

I've been away and seriously thought about stuff, and realised that all the 'greatest artists' list I've seen (including this one) have WAAAAAAY too much emphasis on rock and all it's subgenres, and not enough on country, r&b, jazz, blues and pop. Louis Armstrong #19 on the artists that WEREN'T on the list? Hell, only person I can think of that tops him is Elvis, and even then it's EXTREMELY close. my top 20 list would probably go something like:
Elvis Presley
Louis Armstrong.
Bing Crosby
Frank Sinatra
Duke Ellington
Billie Holiday
James Brown
Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash
Hank Williams
Ray Charles
Ella Fitzgerald
B.B. King
Al Jolson
Louis Jordan
Miles Davis
Charlie Parker
The Rolling Stones
Mahalia Jackson

That's YOUR list? Not something that you got of another website? http://digitaldreamdoor.com/pages/best_artistspop.html

I would put Modest Mouse on the list for sure. They are really a great band. In fact they are one of the only real bands left.

Uuuuurgh, I'm sick of all this 'omg modern music sucks (random band name) is awesome i love real music!!!'. Look, you may not like most modern music, but others do, and you should respect that since not everyone is going to share your opinion. There is no 'good' or 'bad' music, only music that you either like or dislike.
And just because you think they're good, why does that justify a spot for them on the 100 GREATEST artists of all time?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

The Police, Gordon Lightfoot, The Guess Who, Boston, Chicago, The Talking Heads, Eurythmics,

The Police made the Rolling stone list at 70.

Brad Delp is the frickin' shiz!!!! What a voice!

where is the moody blues, electric light orchestra, billy joel, uriah heep. i want justice

Keane, from the UK. Gorgeous, transcendental sound with extremely insightful lyrics. This band simply transports me every time I hear them. They do not get the credit they deserve. Go, Chaplin/Rice-Oxley!

Weezer. The Offspring. Oasis - "Don't Look Back In Anger". EPIC.