Films from Amos Vogel's book 'Film as a Subversive Art' with no IMDB entry

  1. * Acupunctural Anaesthesia, (Peking Television/BTV, 1971, China ) (TV DOC) (, ): Nothing found at all. Maybe something availaible in chinese websites.
  2. * 'Beaver' Films (Anonymous stag, 1970, USA) (collection of films) (, ). All that Vogel says is about a collection of stag films. I think that's not an elegible entry to IMDB.
  3. * Demonstrations (Strahov) (Anonymous, 1967, Czechoslovakia) (DOC) (, ). "Illegally made documentary". No information at all on Internet, not even in czech film websites.
  4. * Meditation On The End Of Human Life (Posledni Veci Cloveka) (Jovan Kubicek, 1967, Czechoslovakia) (, ). Vogel affirms that's a student film, no mention if it was released out to the public. No additional information found on Internet.
  5. * None Story, The aka College Co-Ed (retitled later version) (Anonymous stag, 1950s, USA) (, ). According to Vogel, the film is shown in Alex de Renzie's "History of the Blue Movie" (1971). No addition information found on Internet.
  6. * Palestine (Nick Macdonald, 1971, USA) (short video DOC) (, ): Hard to find anything about this documentary
  7. * Prune Flat (Robert Whitman, 1965, USA) (Live Cinema short) (, (17:08)). It seems to be a sort of Live Cinema performance. Apparently, it was filmed for the first time by Jonas Mekas in 1965. The Ubu's link shows a recent performance. I don't know the IMDB policy about Live Cinema.
  8. * Race, The (William Copland, 1970, Australia) (DOC) (, ). A newsreel compilation about racial issues in Australia. No information found at all on Internet.
  9. * Second Coming, The (William Adler, 1915, USA) ( ???, ). No information found on Internet. The closest that I have found is the film "The Second in Command" (1915), which William Adler was the cinematographer. I am tending to assume that's the correct film.
  10. * What Goes On At Sex Therapy Clinics (Community Medical Cable Casting, 1972, USA) (TV DOC) (, ). Broadcasted by a local cable TV channel.
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