Most Overrated Bands - definitive

  1. 1. The Beatles - Self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway. 90% of their stuff is kiddie-novelty fluff and/or hippie utopian schmaltz. The neverending list includes: Here comes the sun, yellow submarine, happy just to dance w/ you, we can work it out, i'll follow the sun, drive my car (beep beep yeah!), lady madona, hello goodbye, come together, all you need is love, magical mystery tour, the word, obladi oblada, michelle, dr robert, mr kite, all of abbey road and yes let it be.
  2. 2. Queen - Only popular for two reasons: "Bohemian Rhapsody" and Freddy Mercury's untimely death. The Mercury worship is even more ridiculous when you consider how bad the rest of the band's catalog is.
  3. 3. The Eagles - The 3rd bestselling band of all time, also the 3rd most overrated. Beloved by mellowed out hippie stoners and nobody else. Time to forget about these guys.
  4. 4. Rush - I just don't get this band. Neil Peart is an average drummer. Geddy Lee sounds like a dying elephant. Their songs are pathetic. What's there to like?
  5. Honorable mentions:
  6. Grateful Dead
  7. Boston
  8. Styx
  9. REO Speedwagon
  10. Doobie Bros
  11. America
  12. Limp Bizkit
  13. Frank Zappa
  14. Captain Beefheart
  15. Black Crowes
  16. Nickelback