List Of Lists I'd Like To See

  1. Words you think are in the dictionary, but aren't. (outed, audiophilia, website, etc...)
  2. Careers ruined by cell phone cameras.(ex. Michael Richards, Michael Phelps?)
  3. All-Time Hollywood sluts.
  4. Unwritten Rules. (example: more than 30 lbs. overweight - no donut eating in public!)
  5. Most efficient "energy drink". (Most bang for the legal buck.) DONE! but I forgot to record the link.
  6. One "best" quote from every American president while in (or after) office.
  7. American Presidents portrayed in film and the actors who portrayed them.
  8. Politicians (besides Jimmy Carter) who have done more for humanity AFTER their term than during.
  9. A good list of cross-genre inspirational songs. See cmonsters version of this list HERE.
  10. Best "hero rides off into the sunset" moments from film.
  11. Top 25 Worst Ways to End a Film (examples: Easy Rider; No Country for Old Men.) More.
  12. Farts in movies.
  13. Best portrayal of a drunk in a motion picture. With sub-catagories for "humourous" and "pathetic".
  14. Top 50 Worst Cases of Chemistry Between Leading Actors in a Motion Picture. (see examples in posts below.)
  15. Top 25 Non-Political and Non-Religious Reasons Why This World Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket.
  16. Other Lists That Have As Peaceful An Effect On The Soul As's "It's All Good" List.
  17. Listology's First 20 Members and Their First 5 Lists.
  18. Instances Of One Character Destroying An Otherwise Good Movie (ex. Chris Tucker: The Fifth Element, Bill Paxton: Aliens) See Sluggo714's version of this list
  19. 50 Best (Currently Available In Digital Form) Musical Recordings Made Prior To 1950.
  20. Suggestions For Visual Improvements To Listology (fonts, colors, layout, etc...)
  21. 25 Best Crying Performances in a Motion Picture - comedic or dramatic. (example: Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" or Paul Giamatti in "Lady In The Water".)
  22. Best Portrayal Of A Bad Hangover in a Movie. (example: Gary Cooper & Walter Brennan in The Westerner.) (Not to be confused with #13 above.)
  23. All-Time Best/Worst U.S. Military Basic Training Movies (examples: Biloxi Blues, Full Metal Jacket.)
  24. Most Realistic "Hangings" Performed for TV or Film (examples: Deadwood, Sopranos, etc...)
  25. Actors Who Spent Their Entire Careers Playing Pretty Much The Same Character. (examples: Bruce Willis; Ben Affleck; Ward Bond; Gregory Peck)
  26. Official Index of "A-List" Actors.
  27. Official Index of "B-List" Actors.
  28. Famous "Brother/Sister" Actors. (examples: John & Joan Cusack; Julia & Eric Roberts)
  29. Movie Stars Who Started Their Acting Careers on TV Soap Operas
  30. Top 5 Match-Strikes from Film. (examples would be mostly from older westerns. Usually involving the "coolness" of the character)
  31. Chronically Disheveled Celebrities (Bad Hair) (examples: Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen, Tim Burton.)
  32. Best Opening Credits in a Motion Picture. (artistically speaking - not the scene, but the presentation of the credits and title.)
  33. Celebrity to Monster (Or How Lip Botox Can Make The Average Adult Turn Away In Horror) (ex. Priscilla Presley; Mrs. Dr. Phil, etc...)
  34. Child Stars With Higher IQs Than Their Adult Co-Stars. (ex. Michael Fishman (D.J.) from Rosanne; Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) - Star Trek N.G.)
  35. Careers That Have Ended With Bouts of Crazy Laughter. (ex. Howard Dean, Tom Cruise (what, too soon?)
  36. 100 All-Time Best Movie Title Screen Shots. Best place to look.
  37. Celebrities: Cute, Or Just Plain Ugly? (ex. Ringo Starr, Miley Cyrus, Barbara Streisand, etc...)
  38. Top 5 Worst Abuses of a Bomb Countdown Display. (ex. Stargate - approx. 30-120 sec. between ticks)
  39. Actors Who've Aged Well (and kept their salaries high) Onscreen. (ex. Kris Kristofferson, Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall)
  40. Things You Didn't Notice The First Time You Watched a Film. (ex. the growing absurdity of "Miller's Crossing". So good and serious the first time you see it.)
  41. Male Film Stars Who Have Done Full-Frontal Nudity For Their Audience - and if you must... The Most Impressive Of The Lot.
  42. Movies that use the "waiting at the bus stop, bus pulls in blocking shot, bus pulls away with or without person who was waiting." (ex. Ghost World, Manic)
  43. Top 10 Funniest "Sidekicks" from Film. (Not to be confused with equal-billing "buddy" movies.) (ex. Stumpy - Rio Bravo)
  44. Top 10 "Coolest" TV Sitcom Dads ~ 1949-2008. (ex. Bill Cosby - The Cosby Show; Bill Bixby - The Courtship of Eddie's Father)
  45. Best Trailers For The Worst Movies. (Polar opposites. Expectations squashed. Completely misleading. Take your pick.)
  46. Top 10 Most Realistic Gunfights from Film ~ Emphasis on Sound. (ex. Movie - Open Range)
  47. Your Top 25 Scenes or Sequences From Film. (Nice start HERE.) A good Listology example HERE.
  48. 10 Best Examples of Airborne Police Cars. (ex. Live Free or Die Hard, Bourne Ultimatum, Blade Runner, etc...)
  49. Movies Where the Male & Female Leads Hitchhike Together. (ex. It Happened One Night '34, The Postman Always Rings Twice '46, The Sure Thing '85, etc...)
  50. All-Time Best Sight-Gags.
  51. Same Title ~ Different Movie. (expand on THIS list.) ~ (My favorite: "The Patriot" : 1928, 1986, 1998, 2000)
  52. 5 Things Clint Eastwood Can't Do. (ex. No. 1. Act inebriated ~ from Two Mules to Gran Torino ~ worst job at acting drunk I've ever seen.)
  53. Back Listed: "Best Motion Picture Oscars to Ten" for every year prior to 2009. Good luck!
  54. BEST POLL: Best Picture Winner (from 10 nominees) For Every Year Prior To 2009.
  55. 20 Most Flagrant Abuses of Product Placement in a Motion Picture (Subliminal Or Not)
Author Comments: 

Feel free to give directions or start your own lists from my topics.

Not that I've seen Tapeheads but Cusak and Robbins are good friends from way back. I'm surprised.

But just to get you started: Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra in Jungle Fever... or Robin Williams and everyone else in anything else that he's ever done.

Oooh! Nice example! Actually, I've since read that Cusack & Robbins first became friends on the set of Tapeheads. I believe it was their over-the-top, badly improvised excitement that didn't work for me.

The winner for number 14 is definitely Elijah Wood and Sean Astin in Lord of the Rings.

The unwritten rules one would be fun. I'd like to make that one, actually. Although I imagine it would rapidly degrade into a cynical attack on human nature and social convention. Or just get ridiculous, because there are way too many. Ie: has anyone ever written down not to jump on a table during a class? In a restaurant? In a store? At a friend's house? In a library? See the problem? Plus, many of these rules change from circumstance to circumstance and from place to place. Ie: racist jokes are a definite no-no...unless they're in the context of satire, or you're around very unoffendable people.

I think unwritten rules are unwritten because they're just too wishy-washy and circumstantial, and it would be impossible to write them out without having an absurdly complex legal document.

Plus many unwritten rules are written in some places. IE: no talking in a library is a common one, but some libraries actually write this out. And the fat people one you put as an example is only true in North America: in some countries, fat is beautiful, and eating a donut in public is a sign of affluence.

Dammit, I tried making it anyway, and it's impossible. It's a hopelessly large topic and it quickly turns into a legal document/nonsense list.

The "Unwritten Rule" list wouldn't necessarily have to be serious. I know tongue-in-cheek is a hard concept to keep following and we all know the PC police are always scanning content with their slimy, itchy fingers - waiting for the opportune time to pounce on an otherwise good discussion - but I say, "What the hell!"

Let's keep it fun. If you (others) disagree with a suggestion - keep your fingers off the keyboard until you can think of a good counter-suggestion. One with some wit and a provable point. And just a wee bit of the afore mentioned "tongue-in-cheek."

I need some proof from this website that the message I posted in my profile yesterday really isn't true. That there is still life here to be discussed and not just droning lists after lists with no opine - just point, point, point, point, etc...

I see your

Lol..I would love to visit a country where eating donouts is a sign of affluence. But really, while making such a list, it doesn't have to be legal trash. You don't have to be politically correct in it. And a cynical attack on human nature is exactly what one would expect out of this list! And while making this list, we are considering the majority population here..For eg, "wear clothes is public"..Being naked in certain african countries is a necessity and tradition..See what I mean? I for sure would love to see one by you. Do give it a shot.

OK. That'll take a while though, that's one I'm going to have to collect over time.

What's the list look like for #5? I have a lot less time now, so I'm sleeping less, and energy drinks have helped me, but I have no idea what the best ones are...any idea??

#11: I think the worst ending ever is "40 Days and 40 Nights" (give me a break, it was on TV!) which ends with female-on-male rape with the man looking like the bad guy (really!) I never liked Vanilla Sky's ending either, but I've come around...

#21: Sofia Coppola anyone???

#28: Steven Seagal comes to mind right away. Would say the same for Chris Farley too, really (although he was hilarious).

Sorry, but I rarely come by here anymore. The list I mentioned seeing that would fit No. 5 was a comparison to amounts of caffiene per ounce. I was on a friend's computer so I didn't save the link.

I would especially love to see 14 (worst chemistry), 19 (listology's founding members), and 26 (basic training movies). Sadly, I am not qualified to rectify these ommisions...

Actually, I would nominate Kate Bosworth and Brandon Roush in the latest incarnation of Superman for some baaad chemistry.

Johnny Waco

A good nomination. I agree.

Angel Heart has a lot of #33.

Cool list, Ambient. Did you change your font with the standard font tag?

I suppose, but I'm not sure if it's the standard. Somebody else was using it so I hit the clone button and copied the html. The default font seems so small sometimes. I wish it worked on the titles, too. Ha! I just tried to cut & paste the html example and it wouldn't take. Duh!

Thanks for the compliment on the list. One of these days I may find the time to do them myself.

I guess I'll try # 21. Ask for it by name! Or just look for it in my content page.....

Best movie trailers of all time.

A few ideas:

Return of the King

9.A good list of cross-genre inspirational songs.

Define inspiration. Because otherwise, I might be able to whip something up for you.

Inspirational to the human soul. Without a definitive "God" ~ just to make it a little harder. But it'll be your list, so do as you please. I'll enjoy it either way.

Right. Done.

Feedback and comments are appreciated.

Thanks! I'll have to warm up Limewire later in the week and do some searching.

I'd consider inspirational to be something that lifts you up, makes you want to try harder. To that end, for me its the theme from the film "Fame". I suppose the name of the song is also Fame, but I don't know.
What would confuse me is understanding what is cross-genre. But, since I'm not thinking of taking on the list, my confusion is irrelevant. I'm looking forward to your list.

For #12, I submit the film which should get Best sequence is Blazing Saddles.

#10 All time best is Shane.

#34 If you can include lighters, the scene from The Usual Suspects is very cool.

#43 - Robert DeNiro, Tim Robbins, Meryl Streep, Glen Close

#46 - Harvey Keitel (The Piano), Richard Gere (American Gigolo)

#54 - No list of flying police cars is complete without The Blues Brothers. They were, after all, driving a former police car.

I've considered starting these lists myself and letting people add as they choose, but the traffic is so dead on this website now, I never figured I'd get much input.

Your suggestions are all great by the way.

How about 'movies with high expectations that fell flat'?. 'Love Guru'?. 'Pirates otc 3'? (it sold well, but wasn't that good).

Good idea. Have a go at it. The problem from my point of view is the list would be neverending as I'm disappointed with 85% of what's released. I also carry a heavy lean toward Independent film with somewhat low expectation to begin with.

For #6, my all-time favourite quote would have to be, "I love California, I practically grew up in Phoenix". - Dan Quayle (He was a vice-pres, but the quote is still priceless)

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