Things I Want to Do This Summer - 2009

  1. Important Things I Had Better Get Done Right Away
  2. register my car in Colorado
  3. register the truck in Colorado
  4. change the address on my drivers license
  5. complete change of address form for USPS
  6. have remaining wisdom teeth pulled
  7. get new glasses and contacts
  8. Things To Do Around the House
  9. finish setting up and organizing the 2nd bedroom/office/crafty area
  10. have a garage sale
  11. clean out and reorganize the hall and laundry closets
  12. get a photo printer/scanner
  13. get an island cabinet for the kitchen
  14. Just For Fun
  15. throw myself a birthday party
  16. go camping at least once
  17. ride the Wild Chipmunk
  18. go to Elitch gardens
  19. work on my genealogy project
  20. go to at least one Rockies game
  21. get at least one mani/pedi
  22. perfect my pink punch recipe
  23. go to at least one concert
  24. complete at least one item on my TO DO BEFORE I DIE list
  25. Photography
  26. take tons of pictures
  27. get a tripod
  28. do a Week in the Life project
  29. Festivals and Food
  30. find a good farmers market
  31. attend the Capitol Hill People's Fair (June 6-7)
  32. attend the Colorado Renaissance Festival (June 13-Aug 2)
  33. attend the Greek Festival (June 19-21)
  34. attend the Cherry Creek Arts Festival (July 3-5)
  35. attend Taste of Colorado (Sept 4-7)