Favorite Song Lyric Phrases

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  • "God made me a cannibal to fix problems like you."
  • Angelspit - "100%"

  • "I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl."
  • Bjork - "Bachlorette"

  • "Defining the world through regurgitated updated mediocre mainstream media information that smacks of sensation."
  • Chicks On Speed - "Culture Vulture"

  • "If you think that you can spell, make a list of the cunts you'd send to hell and send them on the weekend."
  • IAMX - "Kiss and Swallow"

  • "The road I walk is paved in gold to glorify my platinum soul."
  • Innerpartysystem - "Don't Stop"

  • "Life doesn't mean a thing to me, the only reason I haven't dug myself in the ground already is I don't like to get dirty."
  • The Ropes - "I Don't Like to Get Dirty"